The city approved the submitted applications for grants from exporters

specialists of the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of Moscow has approved all eight applications from the capital exporters for subsidies for a total amount of 8.5 million rubles. The consideration received by the entrepreneurs prepared a package of documents for partial compensation of the cost of export products.

Four companies by the decision of the branch Commission will receive benefits for partial compensation of their costs of transporting goods abroad. One organization will be able to reimburse the cost of certification of management systems. Another company that specializiruetsya integrated solutions for systems of Sewerage and drainage, has filed three applications at once on different articles of export costs — certification of management systems conformity assessment and transportation of goods. In all three cases also made a positive conclusion.

the available capital exporters support measures were expanded in the framework of approval of the second package of anti-crisis measures of the government of Moscow on 31 March 2020. Now entrepreneurs can apply for reimbursement of expenses for export of not only goods but also services and intellectual property rights. In the list of reimbursable expenses added surgery on the adaptation of products for international market. In the list of reimbursable, payments for transportation of goods abroad, certification of management systems and products and the patents. The maximum subsidy for a single item of expenditure is three million rubles, but not more than 50 percent of export earnings.

in addition, at the end of March introduced a new mechanism of grant support for capital exporters. The payout will amount to 10 per cent of the export contract, but not more than $ 10 million or 50 percent of the amount of taxes paid to the city budget.

Accepting applications for subsidies and grants to exporters and will continue until 1 June. To get detailed information about the requirements and rules of registration documents of the consultants of the Moscow export centre phone: +7 (499) 350-09-10. Also on the center’s website you can request a call back.