Russians in Okko entertain Shnurov in the Tretyakov gallery and Pattinson is an alcoholic

Online cinema Okko will show the continuation of the tour, the musician Sergei Shnurov at the Tretyakov gallery in the framework of the project “Art line”. About it reported in a press release received by the editors”.ru”.

the Artist will study the work of the artist Vasily Surikov. Online cinema offers to see the transfer on April 20.

Morning, 9:00, service users waiting for morning exercises at the press, at 12:00 — a lecture by Yaroslav Popov of the paleontologists who study the remains of dinosaurs in Russia.

by Day, 14:00 is a culinary lecture “Cooking at home with the Novikov School” with a recipe for a classic Burger, and later, 16:00 — crisis a talk show with Alexei Pivovarov, “Business distance”.

Evening 19:00, users will visit, with Shnurov, in 21:00 — the Dolgan fairy tale “the two brothers”. At 22:00 users are invited to watch the black-and-white film of Robert Pattinson “Mayak”, where he, along with Willem Dafoe plays the alcohol-keepers of the lighthouse.

Okko provides its subscribers a new type of content delivery: shaped like the classic TV program transmission, but it is personalized and tailored to the wishes and needs of each user, and is also available every day. Read more about main events and premieres online cinema next week read our collection.