thousands of women hoping to read news about the thaw of the regime of self-isolation, waiting for will have information on opening shopping centres. Shopping for many people has become not only a necessity but also a way to relieve stress. Alas, the experts give a disappointing forecasts, the most pessimistic scenario could become a full care sales online. How will selling clothes and shoes in the near future, trying to figure out the “MK”.

In the recommendations almost every day generously distributes the CPS, there is a paragraph about the sale of non-food items. However, the new rules postpandemic world are somewhat superficial and do not affect everyday nuances. For example, while it is not clear what will be fitting. It turns out that two (or more) complete strangers can be in the same dress in a matter of minutes. This situation in terms of when we sanitize everything, looks at least strange.

– We prepare the stores to the opening on the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzora, – commented Director of marketing for a chain of Shoe stores Irina Zueva. Is antiseptics the entrance, is the gloves and Maxi on the staff, is constant cleaning. As for the disinfection of the product itself, as no decision. To process shoes, for example steam, after the client is impossible, it may deteriorate as well as from other means of disinfection. Perhaps it is even unnecessary. We have requirements for gloves, there are the old requirements for the fitting on the sock, that is a naked body doesn’t touch shoes.

If the shoes are more or less clear, with trying on clothes – not quite. Because the thing is sure to touch the bare skin. According to retailers, at the moment the theme of sterility things while offline sales are still not being discussed. Many tissues may be damaged during the disinfection ferry, which is one of the most obvious methods of disinfection. In the community hope that closer to the end of the summer will be the official Directive.

– Due to the nature of each type of product and operate the commercial facility, including occupied squares, rules of communication with customers are unlikely to be “similar” for all outlets and for all consumer goods – explains the President of Souzslavprom Andrey Razbrodin. In any case, it is necessary to observe sanitary and safety standards that are not cancelled. In retail develop technology options that provide the fitting, selection of style and other procedures that accompany the purchase of clothing on “udalenke”. The fitting on the 3D model used in the West is not the first year.

With the fact that offline sales will likely undone in the foreseeable future, agree designer and ENTinimately Dmitry Shishkin. Rental of space, staff, logistics, design – all of that applies to offline sales is very expensive.

– All bets on online sales, are investing big money in new software, says Shishkin. – We are talking about creating a digital consumer profile, when the ability to record measurements, acquired using 3D scanner to the personal account. People will be able to choose the most suitable size of a certain brand and certain patterns. In turn, the manufacturer also needs to create for each model spatial electronic form. Before the pandemic, this idea was connected with a large number of refund for online purchases. I would prefer that the person came the first time. We have this technology and can say that it is absolutely not difficult. The question is how to do it universally, not just for small brands. On this beat, but the transition is necessary, which is especially clearly shown by the pandemic. I think by the fall of these services to improve and by the end of this year will become widely popular.

As told “MK” the press-service of a major online store, which is not suspended sales, fitting directly at the points of delivery prohibited – the purchaser may take the thing home and try and not come back. In this case no additional procedures decontamination after such fitting clothes are not made.

“In accordance with the recommendations of the CPS, to protect against coronavirus infection, there is no need in additional processing of clothing. Even if you went to metro, public transport, the clothes just do not have the virus in sufficient concentration to infect, even if by chance something gets on it, it is not necessary to additionally wash. Just as planned, regardless of the epidemic,” lead staff online-market quotation of the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human well-being.

– As they say in the CPS, the main route of infection coronavirus infection is contact with the ill person, that is, airborne way, – said the press service of the online store. – Therefore, to ensure the security of our customers and employees in points of issue of orders accepted at a time only one client, and fitting rooms are closed. Staff, we provide the masks and antiseptics, and the room is cleaned with a disinfectant.