In the Libyan civil war, which continues past 9 years, there has been a new fracture. The Libyan national army Marshal Hanifa, the Haftarot were defeated in the battles for Tripoli and were forced to retreat under the strikes of the international recognized government of Libya. During the retreat of the troops of the Haftarot suffered heavy losses, in particular, have lost masses of modern military equipment. Claim controlled by the authorities in Tripoli, the media, the number of casualties of troops of the Haftarot has mercenaries, including, presumably, from the Russian private military companies. A photo of one of them was published in the Network.

the Theme of Russian PMCs in Libya periodically raised the world’s media and Western politicians. According to numerous publications and statements are present in Libya the formation of the Russian mercenaries are fighting on the side of Libyan rebel Marshal Hanifa Haftarot. Their services, allegedly paid by the Union to the Haftarot, the government of the United Arab Emirates.

Despite numerous statements about the presence of Russian private military companies in Libya, no evidence to support these statements was provided. Periodically published shot in Libya photos of people not of Arab appearance, equipped with weapons and equipment of Russian production. Confirm or deny their authenticity until recently was not possible.

the First photo of the deceased soldier “Russian PMCs” was published online by supporters of the Libyan government on may 22. The photo shows a dead man of European appearance, wearing a military uniform sand color. According to the authors, the mercenary fought in Libya on the side of the forces of the Haftarot and died in the battles for the city of Salah al-DIN South of Tripoli.

as evidence of its Russian origin, were published photos of the Russian banknotes of 100, 50 and 10 rubles, allegedly found the dead man.

While the incident was not officially commented upon by any government in Tripoli nor the supporters of the Haftarot. Experts note that provided evidence of “Russian” identity of the slain are still insufficient.

was Not published documents or other information about the man down. Also the experts raises the question why the mercenary carried a Russian money being on Libyan territory.

the incident has also not responded to U.S. government and other Western countries that have been regularly condemned “the Russian presence in Libya.”

the Interest of Western governments to Russian private military companies (PMCs) is largely due to the competition, since monopoly in the market of providing services of mercenaries remain in the USA and the UK.

Hirede Blackwater, Greystone, Academy provide services to the parties to the conflict in Yemen and, according to some data, in Syria and in the Donbas. Mercenaries of European origin are also involved in the Libyan war on the side of the government forces against the troops of Marshal Haftarot.