In Sardinia (italy), keep to the Cagliari fans for their breath. Tommaso Giulini, the president of the local pride, to think that he’s Radja Nainggolan (31) will no longer be able to keep up.

“If the Raja wants to stay, we can give it a try. However, as we can tell right now, it is likely that the Rajas in the coming season, at Cagliari, the will to play,” said Giulini, Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

The scot this season, namely in the center of the Inter. Renowned for our now 15-to 20-million-euro final, definitive take on the Milanezen. Not a problem, but it is the monthly salary of Nainggolan would be a burden on the club road. Il Ninja will earn about 4 million euros per year in the south of France.

Nainggolan has been hired by the Inter Picture: Photo of News and More about Radja Nainggolan Nainggolan and his team mates to face each deliver a month’s wages, in Radja Nainggolan and learned an important lesson from the lockdown and defends himself from the boredom: “I’m going to have a good go when it’s over” by the cancer-fighting wife, Radja Nainggolan said the alarm due to the large coronacrisis in Italy, Nainggolan with the Cagliari, collaborator at Roma