The Central Bank lowered the dollar by almost 2 rubles Euro 3 rubles

the Russian currency strengthened on the stock exchange on Thursday. At a minimum, the dollar fell to the level of 74,84 of the ruble, the Euro dropped to 80.2 per ruble. The price of a barrel of Brent crude the day on Thursday, rising more than 8% to more than $ 22.

Russian assets today continue to respond to the appetite for global risk appetite and oil prices, says the head of analytical Department of Bank “St.-Petersburg” Andrey Kadulin. In addition, the Bank of Russia on Tuesday increased its support of the ruble amid falling oil prices, selling on the currency market to 19.2 billion rubles ($250 million) vs 13-15 billion in the past month, which is one of the reasons for the relatively calm reaction of the ruble to the events in the oil market, notes the analyst.