Airbus has defended its flagship A350 from the negligence of the crew

control Panel A350 aircraft “dressed” in a waterproof case, which should protect the devices from accidental spill during the flight drink.

According to Flightglobal, according to the requirement of the European aviation safety Agency, all airlines operating the A350, should equip them with the waterproof covers over the next 28 days.

a Few months ago, the liners A350-900, which is the manufacturer aircraft manufacturer Airbus, in the sky suddenly blacked out engines. The investigation showed that with the Central panel in the cockpit received conflicting commands. It turned out that the reason for that is spilled on the instrument coffee, which caused the closure of the contacts of bodies of control of the aircraft.

After that, Airbus is banned in the user manual A350 drink in the area around the Central panel of the aircraft. A waterproof case is designed as a temporary safety measure before the end of the investigation.

During takeoff, approaching the airport and landing, pilots must take off the case because it completely covers some of the “buttons” control center panel.