now, the Political party CD&V has not been set up with a temporary werkloosheidsregeling that is 1A of the largest cities in the Waasland-Beveren and Cercle Brugge made for the professional footballers. The eu will announce immediately that they will together with the other groups for a revision of the tax and social security benefits for the professional footballers. The point of having a Pro League and a terror for it.

when Waasland-Beveren made a Cercle Brugge last week announced that the temporary unemployment does not only include employees, but also for the players this way. “One of the necessary measures for the purpose of the association is to guarantee you”, said the chairman, Vincent Goemaere, the. “It’s not a popular measure, but believe me when I say, there are going to be there for the next few days, we have an example to follow.”

A thorn in the side of the CD&V. Since, they say, is to understand that all of the clubs and their support staff want to ensure. “But the players, who, for many years, it barely contributed to the social security system, temporary unemployment is, in our opinion, is not correct,” says Leen Dierick CD&V). In an investigation, The Newspaper two years ago,, raised in our newspaper, the gunstregelingen all. If you pay a garbage man to be more of a social contribution as a professional player. “A real shame” and a “company does not have to defend it”, said the professor of Economics Paul De Grauwe of that.

“the SOCIAL security deduction by plafondloon pay of professional footballers around 694,84 euros per month of contributions, regardless of the pay,” explains a member of parliament, Steven Matheï (CD&V) uit. “This is significantly lower than the real wage, as you know, a footballer, an average of 337.000 € per year to earn it. It is up to us to be morally unacceptable, and that they have a system to fall back to, while they do not jointly have contributed to it.”

(CD&V) wants to set new rules at the beginning of the year

finally, The CD&V announced to go together with the other parties to the fiscal and social benefits for the professional footballers be kept to a minimum. According to Dierick, receive professional football clubs in this way now, “some 140 million euros per year to the economy. “And on top of this, the cost to the community in terms of policing at matches. There is a limit to the generosity of the State.” The party is aiming to have a new plan by January 2021.

you can’t be good news for professional football clubs. In the Pro League, which is in the best interests of each of the 24 professional clubs in Belgium and defends his members, and two weeks ago, has called for a temporary increase in unemployment in order to fear it sends the wrong signal to our political system. The various parties, were, after all, since the voetbalschandaal by the end of 2018, with all of the planning, the tax and social benefit of the stadium to be built.