Hans Vanwijn (25) in the referendum, The local Newspaper named the Belgian Player of the Year. The 2m08 the big forward on a cup winner-Antwerp Giants are on the roll of honour of his former team-mate Ismael Bako on it. He is the 62nd Belgian Player of the Year.

“it’s A great honour to have such a prestigious individual trophy. I am very grateful, in the first instance, to the organization of the Telenet Giant of Antwerp, and chairman Roger Roels, and sports manager, Guy Muya are in the past. Also, the coach Christophe Beghin, who is very close to my one less season and a lot of confidence. My team mates which enables it to the public prosecutor’s office but also in addition, it is a brilliant campaign, with the bekerwinst as the grand finale. And last, but not least, the many, many Antwerp fans who, over the last three years, always there for me. “

“I’m the end of the contract, and then go on to look for a foreign transfer. At my age of 25 I would like to further develop in a stronger league. However, ” Once a Giant, Always a Giant,” knipoogde Hans Vanwijn, which is of interest to enjoy, from the French of Dijon, and italy’s Sardinia.

D’Espalier is best to promise a

‘Seppe’, D’Espalier Photo: Sheet of
The award for Belgian Player of the Year, was founded in 1959 and is one of the oldest, sportprijzen, in, Belgium. Legendary names such as Jef Eygel (first prize winner), John Is René Aerts, Willy Steveniers, Rik Samaey, Ronny Bayer, Eric Struelens, Tomas Van Den Spiegel, Sam Van Rossom , Christophe Beghin and Loved Their sparkle to the hall of fame. Sunday’D ‘ Espalier (21), it is the Promise of the Year. In the forward of Leuven, which you don’t want to follow in the hall of fame for this Hotel Casero (Okapi Aalstar) on it.

Hugh Robertson (30), the united states is a forward from Leuven, you don’t want the eindlaureaat, in the event the Star of the kids (of all nationalities). He is on the hall of fame are now in Paris Lee. The belgian Player of the Year in the Hans Vanwijn ended up with the American forward Shevon Coleman (Kangaroo Mechelen are on a shared third place. The Belgian Lion of the Antwerp Giants, the first Belgian in the result of Star in the coaching staff. The American shooting guard Riley LaChance (Okapi Aalstar), is the second.

Massey’s best player

Billy Massey (20), Sint-Katelijne-Waver (belgium) was elected Belgium’s Player of the Year, and is in the midst of a former team-mate of the She Resimont. Maxuella Lisowa (18) of the champion Castors Braine has been the Promise of the Year, and is taking over the reins at the hall of fame Becky Massey (Sint-Katelijne-Waver (belgium) on.
Actress Massey . Photo: BELGA < / P> the Result of the Belgian Player of the Year in The Newsletter.

1.Hans Vanwijn (Antwerp Giants) 151, pt).

2. Alex Libert (S) 76, In

3. Jean-Marc Mwema (Oostende) Is 53.

the Result of the Belgian Promise of, in the Year of The Publication.

1. Sunday, D’Espallier (Leuven Bears) and 80 pt).

2. Vrenz Bleijenbergh (Antwerp Giants) Is 70.

3. Leander Dedroog (Limburg United) Is 39).

the Outcome, master of the coaching staff (any nationality) – a local Newspaper.

1. Hugh Robertson (Leuven Bears) 73 pt.

2. Riley LaChance (Okapi Aalstar) 56.

3. Shavon Coleman (Kangaroo Mechelen), 45.

3. Hans Vanwijn (Antwerp Giants) 45.

Results for Belgian Player of the Year in The Publication:

1. Billy Massey (Sint-Katelijne-Waver (belgium) to 73 pt.

2. Laura Henket (Liège Panthers) 21.

3. Hanne Mestdagh (Namur Region) To 18.

the Result of the Belgian’s Promise, the-Year (women’s) – canyon bicycles

1. Maxuella Lisowa (Castors Braine) 62, pt.

2. In George (Mr. Hush Tree 32.

3. Julia He (Liège Panthers) 14
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