Big demand on the disinfectants under coronakrisen put the time in nødproduktion of ethanol.

When the society is gradually re-opened after several weeks of closure due to coronaudbruddet, increases the need for håndsprit and other disinfectants.

Ethanol is an important means for the disinfection and the daily requirement for ethanol to be assessed the next time to rise to 100,000 litres in Denmark.

in Order to meet the great demand now creates a nødproduktion of ethanol. It writes the Novo Nordisk Foundation in a press release.

the Fund has, together with the Carlsberg foundation granted 17.5 million dollars for the production of ethanol.

specifically sent millionerne to a consortium, responsible for the production. The consortium consists of the Danish state, Carlsberg, Ørsted, and Ree Holding, as brought together under the national Police.

the Goal is to produce about 36,000 gallons of ethanol a day. It is equivalent to a third of the daily needs in Denmark.

There are usually no larger Danish production of ethanol. This means that the Danish hospitals and businesses rely on disinfectants from abroad.

minister of trade Simon Kollerup (S) commends the initiative.

– As the industry minister I’m incredibly proud to see how Danish companies work together, take responsibility and help, where there is a need for it, he says in the press release.

– We find ourselves in a situation that requires extraordinary efforts and new collaborations across in order to solve our challenges.

the Production of ethanol shall be carried out at Ørsted’s former plant for the production of bioethanol in Kalundborg.

the Plant is acquired by a company under the Ree Holding.

the Basis of the ethanol is a fermented alkoholbase, which will be produced at Carlsberg’s brewery in Fredericia.

Alkoholbasen distilled to 90 percent, and processed subsequently for disinfection.

the Plan for now is to produce ethanol for a period of six weeks.