next year, the dollar could fall by 35%, said senior researcher of the research center Jackson Institute of Global Affairs at Yale University Stephen roach in his column for Bloomberg Today.

“the Era of “exorbitant privilege” of the dollar as the main global reserve currency is coming to an end,” he wrote.

the Economist believes that the main threat to the dollar is the weakening of U.S. global leadership under President Donald trump. The expert warned about the growth of the country’s budget deficit and reducing consumer savings against the background of “useless and destructive” trade war with China, which is one of the largest creditors of America.

in addition, the economy suffered greatly from the pandemic coronavirus, says roach.

According to experts, this will affect trump’s dispute with the world trade organization, as well as the decision to reduce the American contingent in Germany due probable personal grievances.

it became known yesterday that the US national debt reached a record high and exceeded $26 trillion on the backdrop of a pandemic coronavirus. Columnist for Le Figaro, Nicolas Bavr predicted the United States collapse due “suicidal” policy of the American President Donald trump.