On the website “Russian newspaper” has opened a new story “Vacation 2020. There is a choice!”. Here, we talk about everything that will help to choose to our readers how and where to spend your vacation, when, finally, will cancel these restrictions. An expert of this subject, RG was asked to be Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia Maya Lomidze. She has kindly agreed. Today we publish the final part of the video interview with her in which considered the questions most often asked by our readers. The first part was devoted to the work of beaches and selection of different destinations.

Maya, this year, many because of the pandemic will not be able to go for a vacation abroad. But in our country there are a lot of great places. For every taste and budget. What advice would you give to people with average incomes?

Maya Lomidze: In the first phase, first of all, I advise to collect information about which regions are open. Because for the first few days the just the beginning of summer there are precedents, when people went to the neighboring region, and is already in place it became clear that it is closed to non-residents.

And vacationers there is either not allowed, or had to go through a two week quarantine. And in postirochnaja tourism vacation was not marred by, step # 1 is to understand which regions have opened, and the terms on which they accept guests. This is a key story and a very important one.

And where better to look for this information? On the official websites of regions?

Maya Lomidze: it can be found, including on the website Association of tour operators of Russia. We monitor the situation every week. And write about those regions which open in the near future or already take a rest.

once this information is obtained, you have to decide, to choose and see what works in an already open region. This is step # 2. Because not all hotels are opened. The full summer season within the country will swing, probably in the second half of June. While most regions are not well prepared to receive tourists.

Similarly, you can go to sanatoria of Krasnodar Krai, Stavropol Krai and Altai, for example, in Belokurikha. There are still a few regions of the Volga and Central Federal districts. You can go to Saint Petersburg. There is not all the hotels are closed. And Peter – a city without observation.

Turns out, the choice is not so great.

Maya Lomidze: that will Soon change. From 15-20 June, for most regions will open and you can begin to plan a more comfortable long stay.

What else is in this situation it is necessary to take into account our tourists?

Maya Lomidze: In most cases, information about the opening regions are not advertised. There are no messages of the type “since June 21, or 20 andJulia opens Samara oblast”. Or Ulyanovsk.

it is Necessary somehow most to monitor information sources. Or quite closer to departure to find out that after three days open. This poses challenges when planning a holiday.

When you know exactly what kind of regions will be open in two weeks, it’s time to choose, to see what will work. To plan, albeit with very large restrictions, rest. While it is necessary to act spontaneously.

the peak of the season is coming soon?

Maya Lomidze: Think he will come only in July. It is expected that in the Krasnodar region quarantine will end on June 21.

But you have to understand, when you open the Crimea, Kaliningrad (after the interview it became known that it will be possible to book a holiday in the Crimea from 1 July, and in Kaliningrad cancelled paid visual observation – approx. ed.). And Primorye. This is also another of our Maritime region, which is important for regions of the Far East and the Siberian Federal district.

we still Have to work the hotels, and people would not have to sit all the time on their site and nowhere to go.

And what are the options offered by our tour operators in July?

Maya Lomidze: At the moment nothing. Because, as I said, we don’t yet understand that will be opened.

In the booking system, there are Krasnodar Krai and the Crimea and Altai Krai. But all the while there is the caveat that the schedule can be changed and the tour rescheduled. While it only intentions. Even the money is not accepted.

I would place the tourists to the date after July 1, yet with caution booked, because it is not clear how it is. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest challenges of the season.

Maya, in other countries as many people as before, just now not going. As far as domestic tourism is ready to meet these redirected flows and increased demand?

Maya Lomidze: I Think, no special redirection is not. Because domestic demand we have is very limited. We are talking not about the plans of tourists and not about their willingness or reluctance to go somewhere, and about the fact that there are security requirements of the CPS that limit the capacity of the resorts.

Strictly prescribed single occupancy. With the exception of those cases when the family arrives. There are capacity limits in restaurants, finding on the beaches. Not everyone will want such conditions to relax. While wishing not so much.

So our resorts will survive. This is not the main question of the season. Again, not all opened. Summer has begun, but the season hasn’t started yet.

How quickly the tourist industry responds to the changes that occur in the regions?

Maya Lomidze: the business was virtually��Eski three months of complete inactivity in which it was necessary to save the state, continue to pay people salary. And consider the taxes, because, in fact, their cancellation did not happen.

So, of course, the business is ready. And similarly along with tourists to monitor the situation in different regions. And when the tourists there is a request, instantly trying to satisfy. Even if, generally speaking, before the tour operator was not Karelia, but now it appears because it is possible somehow to sell.

Perhaps the biggest problem is the children. I am a mother myself and think: where to go with the child? Maybe easier to rent a cottage for the summer? Or go close to neighboring regions?

Maya Lomidze: With children, actually, all extremely difficult. Because tourism started to feel these restrictions before wave swept up to adult travelers. Cancellation of trips associated with children’s holidays, started back in February.

I would not expect this summer at some camps. Although it is not just us, the authorities have assured that the health of children, their stay is extremely important for the country. This is a very serious social history. And some action will be taken. But certainly not until the end of June.

So let’s consider that in the near future the child rests with the family where you can relax and adult. It is only on nursing homes.

as for the garden, then why not? I like people who receive a large amount of information about different cases, would choose a place where there is a close medical center. As they say, just in case.

I Have a friend going this summer to give the child to Sirius. The rest flew off. Are there any other options? We are talking about this intelligent children.

Maya Lomidze: Yet. Information on such camps, it may be, will appear by the end of June. While it is not. At the moment I can not even some theoretical alternative to offer.

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