Both New Delhi and Beijing have signaled a lack of interest in Donald Trump involving himself in their affairs, after the US president suggested he could help resolve a territorial dispute between the two nations.

China and India have been engaged in a tense border dispute, with reports earlier this month of military build-up and clashes. Trump said earlier this week that he was “ready, willing and able to mediate” between the two countries – but it appears neither Beijing nor New Delhi are particularly enticed by his offer.

“China and India are capable of properly resolving the issues through dialogue and consultation,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Friday.

India seems similarly disinterested. A spokesperson for the country’s Ministry of External Affairs said New Delhi was “directly in touch with China.”

Tensions between India and China were reportedly sparked by infrastructure projects being carried out by both countries on the Himalayan border. Soldiers have been involved in skirmishes which left minor injuries” on both sides, according to local media.

This isn’t the first time that Trump has volunteered his services in the region. In January, the US president floated the idea that he could referee talks between India and Pakistan to resolve the ongoing territorial dispute in Kashmir. His offer was not received with much enthusiasm. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan originally expressed openness to the idea but later shifted his stance, arguing that the US should instead take a more active role in bringing peace to Afghanistan.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also passed on Trump’s offer, expressing confidence that the Kashmir dispute could be handled “bilaterally” with Pakistan.

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