The EU is afraid of undermining the principle of "one country, two systems" and the autonomy of Hong Kong as a result of actions of China, said in a written statement, the EU high representative for foreign and security policy of Josep Borrell.

"the EU expresses serious concern about the steps China made on may 28 that do not comply with its international obligations (the Joint Declaration of China and Britain from 1984) and the basic law of Hong Kong. It seriously undermines the principle of "one country, two systems" and a high degree of autonomy of Hong Kong", – the document says.

According to Borrell, the decision of China "casts doubt on its desire to fulfill its international obligations". He added that the EU will continue to raise this issue in the dialogue with China.

The statement was issued following the informal meeting of EU foreign Ministers in a video conference, whose main theme was Chinese-European relations.

Following the meeting, Borrell told reporters that he does not consider sanctions a technique for solving problems with China.

On Thursday deputies of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives adopted a "Decision on the establishment and improvement of the legal system and enforcement mechanisms to ensure national security in the special administrative region of Hong Kong". The resolution delegates to the standing Committee of the national people’s Congress drafting bill on national security specially for Hong Kong. Previously, the newspaper South China Morning Post, citing an informed source reported that the NPC the PC will need about two weeks to make the law, this means that it can enter into force in August.

In a published joint statement of the foreign Ministry of the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the United States said that the decision of the Chinese authorities about the development of Hong Kong law on national security is contrary to the provisions signed by Britain and China of the Declaration on the autonomy of the region. In turn, the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang urged other countries to stop interference in the Affairs of Hong Kong.