Tenants of municipal property will be able to support

More than 11 thousands of Russian companies affected during an outbreak of the coronavirus and renting a property or land from the city, has been advised of the possibility of all the downtime.

those enterprises, which operate in the areas of culture, sport, exhibition, entertainment, educational activities and socio-educational work in the areas of consumer services, public catering, trade, hotels and tourist companies.

This support instrument was approved by Sergei Sobyanin in the second package of anti-crisis measures. The total amount saved by a business will amount to $ 4.6 billion.

to take advantage of this assistance, businesses need to send to the Department of city property. It is necessary to apply materials of photographic images, confirming the actual activity and the order on suspension of work, if it should be suspended in accordance with laws.

“applications are accepted electronically via the “Electronic reception” on the portal mos.ru and in paper form by mail to the Department of city property before the end of 2020. After successful consideration of the tenants rent will be recalculated,” said Maxim Gaman, Minister of Moscow Government, head of Department of city property.