Authorities said the lack of chemical threats in a smoke filled Kiev

Ukrainian Authorities said that the smoke in Kiev and the region assumes no chemical and radiological threats. On Friday, April 17, according to “” with reference to the press service of the State service for emergency situations.

on the Eve of the Kiev region was fixed fire grass flooring and forest litter in several areas, on the territory of private households burning dry grass and debris. In the evening the wind direction changed. “Formed favorable conditions for the spread of combustion products in the air on the territory of the city of Kiev. Chemical and radiological threats, such a phenomenon does not” — said the Agency.

the press service stressed that the background radiation in Kiev and the region remains in the normal range and does not exceed natural background values.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian capital was the city with the most polluted atmosphere in the world because of the smog had enveloped her. The immediate cause of the contamination were fires in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl NPP (ChNPP), which was renewed from-for covered area of sandstorm.