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The radiation background in the area of the fires near Chernobyl nuclear power plant (ChNPP) is the norm, according to the website of the state service of Ukraine for emergency situations. According to authorities, the radiation level has not changed in Kiev and the region it is also within the normal range.
49-year-old Ukrainian and Russian pop singer, honoured artist of Ukraine Nikolay Trubach talked about a conversation he had with his family, including mom, once in 1997 he released the song "Blue moon" on his word and music by Kim Breitburg, which was performed with Boris Moiseev
The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the scientists were promised a million dollars if they will develop a vaccine against coronavirus
International festival of mobile cinema is being held in Russia for the second time in the year when the mobile phone was 47 years old. The event organizers decided not to cancel in a pandemic, and to carry out all in online.
The state service for emergency situations of Ukraine reported that three aircraft, two helicopters and 64 pieces of equipment brought to the fire in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl NPP, which has been raging for will nedelnami that the fire began on 4 April and reached the area of 35 hectares
Kiev security forces once again accused militias of Donbass in violation of the silence
Foreign investors confirm their readiness to lend to Ukrainian logistics projects after the end of the coronavirus pandemic, said the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Crickley.
The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that he was tired in the fight against the spread of coronavirus
In the online-lecture "Catastrophe and the modern man. Who are we?" the Director and the author of the project of DAU Ilya Hrzhanovsky spoke about his film and working on a new project "Babi Yar", showing a philosophical and oratorical gifts.
The Ukrainian side has accused the militias of Donbass in 15 attacks over the past day
Pause on the stage — the right thing. With its help, you can tell a lot. Same thing in life. Today we have all slowed down, paused. Why the pause?This time we stole or gave it to us? And how can we break this hold?
Following the meeting of the contact group on settling the situation in Eastern Ukraine, which was held via videoconference due to the spread of coronavirus, the parties have not advanced in the issues of political settlement, said the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Boris Gryzlov
Ukrainian authorities do not leave attempts to counter the implementation of the project “Northern stream - 2”, but preparing for the worst-case scenario. The corresponding statement was made head of the company "operator of the gas transportation system of Ukraine" Sergey Makogon.
Blazing near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant natural fires are unlikely to carry radioactive ash to the Crimean Peninsula, said Professor of General and physical chemistry of Kazan Federal University. Should be on the lookout neighbouring areas of Ukraine and Belarus
Burning forest on the border of the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Kiev and Zhitomir regions, which is visible even from space, caused serious concern to environmentalists. Background radiation over the burnt areas exceeds the norm several times
While #sidengama - holidays note home too. For example, 5 April - the international day of soup. This material was prepared to 365 anniversary of the reunification of Russia and Ukraine. "Kitchen of the homeland" reminds us how to prepare a festive lunch of borscht, "kartoplyaniki" and dumplings with cherries
The Ukrainian authorities have published a list of new measures for quarantine from the coronavirus. So, it is prohibited to stay in public places without a protective mask or respirator, moving a group of more than two persons, except in cases of service needs and support of children
Pandemic coronavirus and the accompanying panic among the population of Ukraine, the President of the country Vladimir Zelensky uses as a cover for the sale of agricultural land. Read more about this in the article "WG"
Pandemic COVID-19 was a test for Ukraine's viability, it is significant which failed. The coronavirus is spreading through the country virtually unchecked
The disease is a new type of coronavirus confirmed in the extra fractional Deputy of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada Anna Skorokhod. She announced this in his telegram channel.
The Ukrainian government introduced a state of emergency for 30 days, stop any passenger transportation across the state border. Also introduced criminal liability for illegal export from the country of anti-epidemic goods in large quantities
At the moment in Ukraine was only 26 cases COVID-19, but confirmed three fatal cases. This statistic indicates the absence of the real picture of the disease in this country
The Russian foreign Ministry announced about the upcoming Ukrainian extremist organizations provocations on the border with the Crimea. "We urge you not to allow this", - said the official representative of the Ministry Maria Zakharova
The Prosecutor General of Ukraine was Irina Venediktova. Before to take this position, it for a short time was acting Director of the State Bureau of investigation
The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation sent a note of protest to Kiev in connection with the aggressive actions of extremist organizations against the Russian Embassy in Ukraine. This was stated by the representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova
Nationalists attacked the Russian Embassy in Kiev. And it is a natural result of last week, where the veil of the discussion of peace initiatives by President Vladimir Zelensky became hostage to the "party of war"
On March 17 Russian Railways stop message with Moldova and Ukraine due to the coronavirus. Just marked 11 trains along with trailed-on and through coaches from Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as a passing train Baku-Kiev
The Ukrainian authorities have decided to temporarily deny entry to foreigners because of the rapid spread in Europe of coronavirus. Restrictive measure will operate for two weeks, but may be extended depending on the situation
In Kiev, nationalists disrupted a presentation entitled "the National platform of reconciliation and unity", which was held by the adviser to the head of the NSDC of Ukraine Sergey Sivoho. Later attacked him had been detained
In Ukraine because of one sick with coronavirus declared quarantine. The reason for this decision of the government observers have called exclusively political reasons, and only then - the desire to protect the population from disease
U.S. Department of defense notified Congress of plans to supply Ukraine protivoallergennye radar stations, patrol boats Mark VI and other equipment totaling $ 125 million
Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal believes that Ukraine needs to pump water to the Crimea. It is about water for people's needs and humanitarian responsibility, and not about business or trade
Prime Minister of Ukraine stated the need to resume water supply to Crimea, and then retracted his words. According to the Crimean Senator, are turning the traditional policy of Kyiv, where a significant role is played by the nationalists
The attack in the Donbas, which in 2017 was killed the commander of the battalion "Somalia" Mikhail Tolstoy, known as Givi, was organized by the security Service of Ukraine. This was announced by chief editor of "Censor.no" Yury Butusov
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted for resignation of attorney General Ruslan of Ryaboshapka. The real initiator of the decision to call President Vladimir Zelensky. In the background of the high-profile resignation versed columnist "RG"
Alexey Goncharuk, who has been a head of the Ukrainian government just six months, resigned his post. At an extraordinary meeting the decision was supported by 353 deputies. Goncharuk expressed confidence that the government's course will remain
The Ukrainian Parliament dismissed Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk, together with the Cabinet of Ministers. But the new government proposed by the President Zelensky, also promises the country a rapid breakthrough and prosperity
The new Chairman of the government of Ukraine was Denis Shmyhal. The resignation of his predecessor earlier on Wednesday took the Verkhovna Rada. In the past the Cabinet Smigel took dozhnosti Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of development of communities and territories
It is interesting to understand what motivated the government in proposing to appoint voting on the amendments to the Constitution on the day of the 150 th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin — and to declare this day a holiday.
Adopted by the Chairman of the Ukrainian government Alexey Goncharuk personnel decision has hit the business interests of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. During a personal meeting the head of state Vladimir Zelensky pointed out to the Prime Minister for “extreme dissatisfaction” Igor Valerievich. In response, the Prime Minister declared readiness to leave his post.
The national police of Ukraine soobshili that Vinnitsa city court sent under arrest by request of the investigation 22 nationalist, who on Thursday staged a riot in the city Council Zhmerinka
On Saturday in Central Moscow held a traditional March in memory of Boris Nemtsov. Recall, the former Governor of Nizhny Novgorod and Deputy Prime Minister of the Yeltsin era, and in modern times – the leader of the opposition was killed in Moscow 5 years ago, February 27, 2015. The memory of politics has become a stumbling block between the government and the opposition part of the society. At the jubilee procession gathered at least five to seven thousand people. (According to the "White meter" on the territory of the March to 14.30. were 21.7 thousand persons)
Chief editor of the TV channel RTVI Alexey Pivovarov announced on the social network Facebook, that he was not released to the city in the Kiev airport
The head of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko said the refusal from participation in the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory.
A joint group of companies Raytheon - Lockheed Martin received a contract from the Pentagon to manufacture anti-tank missile systems Javelin to Georgia, Ukraine and several other countries of 18.4 million dollars
For the sake of his Majesty "Citation Index", on the grounds that you went off the rails, it seems, all the media and social networks, once again under deliberate stamp "officially" left last comic "news" on the "welcome" and the final appointment of Alexander Panayotov special representative of Russia on "the Eurovision 2020" with the song composer Vladimir Matetskiy and Leonid Gutkin on the words of the poet Mikhail Gutseriev "Tears of my failures." "The song will be performed in Russian", - mentioned separate line proud, like promise the premiere of almost near the Sunday of "Time". While everything from Panayotov and his producer Grigoriy Leps to melanacantha in charge of the case competition in Russia, – says one thing: "Lies, hums and provocation."
Russian Director Klim Shipenko explained why in many notable films of domestic production are removed the same actors. In particular, he responded to criticism of the actor Alexander Petrov, for his constant flashing on the lead roles in the film.
To speak about return of Crimea to Ukraine as a condition for the lifting of sanctions - completely useless option
Director Alexey Yakovlev said that the seventh season of the Comedy television series "the Matchmakers" will be the last.
The court sentenced to four years in prison detained in Moscow participants banned in Russia organization "Right sector" Igor Pie

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