The Kitchen Of The Motherland. Borsch with donuts in honor of the reunification of Russia and Ukraine

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Footprint in the literature (Mikhail Bulgakov. “The master and Margarita”).

Pelageya Antonovna brought a steaming pot, at one sight on which at once it was possible to guess that, in the midst of the fiery soup, is something more delicious in the world, brain bone… Nikanor Ivanovich ladle spoon dragged from a fire-breathing lake – it, the bone, cracked lengthwise.

Ingredients. For the soup: meat on the bone (pork/beef) – 0,6-0,7 kg, onions – 1-2 pieces, carrots – 1 PC., beets – 1 PC., sweet pepper – 1 PC., tomato/tomato. paste – to taste cabbage – 400 g potatoes – 4-5 PCs.

For fritters flour – 2-2,5 stack., fast-acting dry yeast – 1 tbsp salt – 0,5 tsp sugar – 0.5 St. l., the water is warm – 1 stack., vegetable oil – 2-4 tbsp.

For the garlic filling: water – 2 tbsp garlic – 2-3 cloves salt – 1 tsp, vegetable oil – 1 tbsp, dill – to taste.

Photo: PHOTOXPRESS Forgotten recipes: pies from rhubarb will taste better not think

Recipe. Cook the meat until tender. To prepare the dough for donuts: in a dry bowl add the flour, dry yeast. The flour and yeast add half tsp salt and half tablespoon of sugar, pour a glass of warm water. All to mix, lay out on the table, floured and knead until the dough become soft. During kneading add to the dough 2 tbsp vegetable oil. The dough will stick, but more flour is not necessary. Knead the dough for at least 10 minutes. Fold the ball of dough in a bowl, put in a warm place for an hour. Cook the roast to the soup: sauté in a pan the onion and carrot, sweet pepper. Simmer the vegetables for 3-4 minutes. The beets untilBawiti after the vegetables will flounder, and now sauté all together for another 3-4 minutes. Pour into the pan the tomato paste/chopped tomatoes. Stew, salted and adding sugar to taste.

after an hour the dough for the donuts will rise in two times. It is necessary to press down, to form balls. Arrange the dumplings on a baking sheet, grease with vegetable oil and set aside for 20-30 minutes. In a preheated 180-200 degree oven bake donuts for about 7-8 minutes. Then lower the temperature and pester them until Golden brown. The meat in the broth to salt, put in the broth, the potatoes, cook for 5-7 minutes, add the cabbage. Add the roast, cook until ready. To check out the dumplings on a willingness to knock on them with your finger – if a knock “into the void” – they are ready.

For the garlic filling: mix water, oil, salt, crushed garlic and dill. Grease bread garlic dressing.


mark in the film (the film “what men talk About”).

… – “Kartoplyaniki” that kartoplyaniki?- Kartoplya. This grated.- Potato pancakes, eh?- No, the potato pancakes. And this is Patty, and inside mashed, and fried all over.- And like zrazy?- What is zrazy? How to explain to him – “kartoplyaniki”!..

Ingredients. mashed potatoes – 500-600 g minced meat (beef, pork or mixed) – 300 g onions – 2 pieces, egg – 1 PC flour – 1 Cup., vegetable oil – 1/2 Cup., salt – to taste pepper – to taste.

Photo: Victor Bobyr Kitchen homeland: Good Degen, but not eredene!

Recipe. peel an onion. Mince. Heat half of the indicated amount of vegetable oil in a frying pan. Fry the minced meat. Add the chopped onion. Season with salt and pepper. Fry until cooked. In mashed potatoes add the egg, stir, add salt. Pour 1/2 Cup muki. Knead the potato dough. It has a small amount to make the cake. In the center put the meat filling and form a Patty. To pyrovate it in the flour. Heat vegetable oil, put the “kartoplyaniki” into the pan. Fry on both sides.

Dumplings with cherries

a Trail in music (song of the Kuban Cossack choir).

Oh, my dear ofopmleniya wants…

Ingredients for 3-4 servings. Flour – 250 g egg – 1 PC., yogurt – 100 g vegetable oil – 1 tsp, salt – 1 pinch sugar – 2 pinches, cherries, frozen – 300 g sugar – 50 g (for the filling), sour cream – 200 g butter – 20 g flour for dusting the table, sugar – 2 tbsp (for the sauce).

the kitchen of the motherland. borsch with donuts in honor of the reunification of russia and ukraine 3 “To Talon rushed: he sure…”. Five favourite restaurants in Pushkin

Recipe. Unfreeze cherry. The resulting juice is useful for the sauce. In a bowl sift the flour, beat the egg, add salt, sugar, pour yogurt and knead the dough. Add tbsp flour, vegetable oil and knead until the dough no longer stick to hands. Give it a rest for 20-30 minutes. Table sprinkle with flour and thin, but not too much, roll out the dough. With the help of a glass cut out circles. In the middle of the circle to spread the berries and sprinkle with a third of a teaspoon of sugar. Well to close up the edges. Gather scraps of dough, you can add them for a second batch and repeat. Throw the dumplings into boiling salted water. As float, cook on low heat for another 10 minutes.

Sauce: In a pan pour 100-150 g of cherry juice, put butter, a couple tbsp of sugar, bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and add 150-200 g of sour cream, mix well. Adjust sweetness to taste.

the DELICACY”On fat sleeping and fat are hiding…”

the Ukrainians loved and revered him for many centuries. Fat was considered a symbol of wealth, was equal EDVand to treasure. It’s sealed and in folklore: “there would be pigs, there will be fat, and bristle”; “let’s get that hit, if not bread, so the fat”; “until the court case, and the cat ate the fat”; “I live healthy: fat eating, fat sleeping and fat wraps.”

the kitchen of the motherland. borsch with donuts in honor of the reunification of russia and ukraine 4 Kitchen homeland: the Samovar is boiling – will not allow it to leave!

Bacon is salted, boiled, fried, smoked, cooked stuffing out of him for sausages, rinds do to decorate sweet dishes – verhuny (dough that are fried in oil and are served with powdered sugar, an analogue of the Bashkir “brushwood”). Bacon boldly experimenting, for example, known “fat in chocolate”.

the Fat even to smear on bread, if it’s lard. Delicacy is a melted of of fat fat. It is used in cooking, for frying, as well as snacks. In the latter case, the fat added pepper, grated garlic, coriander, Bay leaf, salt.

This simple appetizer will add to consumer strength and good warm from the cold.


Vladimir Makovsky. Illustration for the story by Nikolai Gogol

What is the difference from dumplings lazy dumplings?

In Gogol “Night before Christmas” dumplings dumplings eat quack pot-Bellied Patsyuk, when it came to the blacksmith Vakula. I remember dad reading to me this episode in childhood – so that drool running:

“Smith is not without timidity opened the door and saw Patsyuk, who was sitting on the floor in Turkish, in front of a small tub, on which stood a bowl of dumplings… Not podinovskii nor one finger, he tipped his head slightly to the bowl and slurped the slurry, grasping pabout the time teeth dumplings… Then noticed Vakula, neither the dumplings nor the shell before him was not; but instead of on the floor were two wooden bowls: one was filled with dumplings, and the other was sour cream…”

the kitchen of the motherland. borsch with donuts in honor of the reunification of russia and ukraine 6 Ukrainian Russian dishes most of all I love the soup, dumplings and dumplings

the Dumplings prepared as follows: was kneading the dough, rolled out and cut with strips, and then pinch off pieces and thrown into boiling water, milk, broth. In Poltava, where is annually held Feast of dumplings, there is even a monument: 12 concrete dumplings and deep spoon made of wood, bandaged Ukrainian rushnik.

There are a variety of dumplings – “lazy dumplings” – they are usually served with sweet sauce (condensed milk with melted butter). And the classic dumplings – a dish, a favorite far beyond Ukraine. They are made with cottage cheese, berries, fruits, mushrooms, meat, bacon, vegetables and even nettles.


In 1654 Bohdan Khmelnytsky, when joining the Russian citizenship, have agreed to the free sale of bread wine (vodka) to the Ukraine. In 1743 Elizabeth in the charters of all suburban shelves confirmed the right of “the tavern keep, wine to smoke and shred free of duty”.