Crimean scientist called regions threatened by fires in Chernobyl

the Blaze near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant natural fires are unlikely to carry radioactive ash to the Crimean Peninsula. But the neighbouring exclusion zone regions of Ukraine and Belarus should be on the lookout. This was stated by the Professor of General and physical chemistry, Kazan Federal University im. V. Vernadsky Alexey Gusev.

After a fire near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant the radiation level has been exceeded 16 times

– Over 30 years after the disaster the radiation levels around Chernobyl began to come nearer to norm, – said Gusev, RIA Novosti. But the problem is that a large number of radioactive elements were in the soil and accumulated in plants and trees. And now, when these trees burn, the radioactive isotopes into the atmosphere and spread on the wind rose. The fire in the zone of alienation is a problem that needs to be solved quickly. Radioactive isotopes are easily spread by wind and can spread over very long distances. But before Crimea, they are unlikely to carry – still almost 700 kilometers.

to Suffer, according to the scientist, can Kyiv region of Ukraine, Gomel Belarus and neighboring regions.

At the same time, according to calculations of the Federal information-analytical center (FIAC) of Roshydromet, the air mass will be transported from the place of fire in southern and South-Eastern direction. But the removal of the pollutants on the territory of the Russian Federation is not expected.

Previously, the state service of Ukraine for emergency situations reported about the fire in the exclusion zone near the village of Kotovsky Rahivka forestry. Today, the fire continues to simmer on the area of about 20 hectares in the area of four villages in the area, the mandatory evacuation around Chernobyl – woodlands, volodymyrivka, October and Rudnia. With fire fighting 104, 26 pieces of equipment and one helicopter Mi-8. According to acting Chairman of the State ecological inspection of Ukraine Egor Firsov, in the midst of a forest fire background radiation exceeds normal levels more than 16 times.