The trumpeter gave an emotional conversation with his mother after the release of

the 49-year-old Ukrainian and Russian pop singer, honoured artist of Ukraine Nikolay Trubach talked about a conversation he had with his family, including mom, once in 1997 he released the song “Blue moon” on his word and music by Kim Breitburg, which was performed with Boris Moiseev. Because of its subtext, the song behind the scenes was considered Russian gay national anthem, and the Trumpeter became known as the lover of Moses.

“This is show business. At the time I didn’t care about the exit song,” said Trumpeter, adding that he began a little to fear, when the song became a hit, but his wife Lena had supported the decision to continue to perform the song together with Moses.

the Trumpeter also noted that Moses and taught him the rule of doing anything like that, and that is strength. However, this attitude to work has divided relatives of the musician, especially his mother.

“My mother is a don Cossack, a Communist, was Secretary of the party organization,” – said the Trumpeter in the program “the Destiny of man” on the channel “Russia 1”. According to him, after the song mother became strange to look at him.

One day the mother and father invited Nicholas to an important conversation. As noted by the singer, it was evident that the parents got together and, finally, the mother said: “Son, we’re your parents and we’ll take anyone”.

the Trumpeter recalls that at that time his wife was seven months pregnant, and he was in shock and didn’t know what to say. Meanwhile, the mother continued and offered his son to invite Boris Moiseyev to visit. “We all understand. Moscow is Moscow,” said mom at the end.

the Trumpeter added that mother to death doubted in his account and each time inquired about the health of Boris Moiseev, when Nicholas came to visit my parents, although they no longer performed together.