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Online screening of productions from the "Golden collection" of "Satyricon" discovered "the Poplar and a wind" directed by Konstantin Raikin. Theatre of the Russian army, in turn, launched a video project "I Want to ask"
Radio play with Alisa Freundlich, online-interview with Oleg Basilashvili, a crochet lesson with Nina Usatova, archival performances and photos from the meeting will present to the audience the theatre in its new resource - an online platform БДТdigital
Honoured artist of Russia Renata Litvinova put the author's play "Postmortem injuries" in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. The premiere will be held in the fall of 2020. The Director promises a spy story with gunfights, car chases, death and, of course, love
Radio play with Alisa Freundlich, online-interview with Oleg Basilashvili, a crochet lesson with Nina Usatova, archival performances and photos from the meeting will present to the audience the theatre in its new resource - an online platform БДТdigital
Alexandrinsky theater will show videos of performances that have become iconic and significant to the theatre, but already gone from the posters. Theatre gives viewers a unique opportunity to see the once beloved performances
The issue of withdrawal from the moral and financial crisis after the quarantine, the viability of online shows and reduced ticket prices discussed creative Director and Director of state theatres. Of course, online.
Bolshoi drama theater. G. A. Tovstonogov became a pioneer, and not only for us, the scale having entered into a parallel virtual reality and proposing new forms of interaction with the audience during quarantine. Digital existence was presented by the artistic Director of theatre Andrey Moguchy and his actors, led by Alisa Freindlich.
COVID-19, attacked mankind without a Declaration of war, showed and revealed things are far from medicine, I'm sure the actor Viktor Sukhorukov. We can talk about this with him, although we shared 97 kilometers. I'm in my Moscow apartment, and he's on their six acres under Orekhovo-Zuevo, the.And it seems that Viktor is the only one who is not echoed by the mass choir, which sings different voices saying that the whole life after the disastrous virus has changed, and will not find anyone.
Isolation is in progress in Moscow and gives people a discomfort. It concerns and media persons. How comforting to quarantine yourself known to people that you can cook on the forced home stay and how to build in a period of isolation relationships with children, we were told the actors and designers.
The Helicon, favorite theater Muscovites, located on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street in the old mansion of Princess Shakhovskaya, today marks 30 years. The age of maturity, drive, energy, creativity and the young full-blooded love.Helikon people a few months preparing for this date, wanted to invite friends and fans to Opera night - with intrigue, surprises, fireworks of talents. But... the Meanest coronavirus decided to wipe out Opera plans, dispersed conductors, musicians, singers, fitters, of props, of the Stuarts, the drawers - Yes, home. And gleefully rubbing his hands, rejoiced in his treachery.
The struggle for survival of the theatre as the most living of all arts, gives birth to new forms. And broadcasts online already has its first competitor - the Theatre on the phone. Is the name of the project, conceived in the Union of theatrical figures. The first premiere will take place on the phone in test mode on April 12.
The government issued a decree, which was expected of the cultural industry, which in the first rows were affected by the pandemic and look to go on a ventilator. So, the decree of 3 April No. 437 will be for theatres, museums, libraries, culture centers a kind of ventilator. However, under one condition: the skillful use.
Theatres are closed, the shooting stopped, but without Prime will not stay. Auditions, screen tests, rehearsals moved online. In the breaks - you can do the country. "RG" learned how to live in the mode of isolation of the actors and Directors
The dolls also go to quarantine and begin to explore the virtual space. On the website of the Union of theatrical figures of the Russian Federation is now possible to see a fragment of a unique puppet show about Edith Piaf and listen to a story about "the Silence"
On Friday on the online festival "the Double DV@" will display drama Svetlana Proskurina "Sunday". Saturday - "Turandot", the most mysterious Opera Puccini, Sunday - "the Joker" Alexandra Kaur. You should still check everything
All-Russian action "Day of theatre - 2020" this year was first held in an online format. Broadcast on the official website portal of the Culture.Of the Russian Federation, and also in social networks "Vkontakte" and "Classmates" got about two million views
The project "Big tour online" made a special program for non-working weeks. In social networks and on the website it will be possible to watch the performances of the leading regional theaters. Live streaming starts every evening at 19.00 Moscow time
Mariinsky theatre also closed its doors to spectators until April 10. Soprano Elena Stikhin was preparing for debut in "Aida" by Verdi, as well as the performances of the tetralogy "der Ring des Nibelungen" by Wagner on the home stage, but had to be postponed
In Lithuania, before the theatre was closed for quarantine, showed production by Vasily Barkhatov "Player". The libretto for this challenging Opera was himself the Prokofiev of the dialogues of Dostoevsky's novel, using 15 of the 17 chapters
Festival "the gold mask" made a gift for all theatre lovers caught in forced quarantine, and launched the screenings of a special program "the gold Mask online." You can check them out on the platform of the online cinema Okko
On the day of the theatre for the first time in its history the State academic Bolshoi theatre will show performances online from your "Golden Fund". Will open a new format of communication with the audience of the legendary ballet "Swan lake"
In St. Petersburg theater "Shelter comedian" on March 28 will host the online premiere of "Russian classics" Dmitry Volkostrelov, the artistic Director of the Center. Meyerhold. The Director told "RG" on how to set the play and why he has as many as five options
Actor Sergei Makovetsky going to Minsk with the new performance of "Papa". And in Moscow he took part in the pre-online-show TV series "zulaikha opens his eyes". About his role in it Makovetsky told in an exclusive interview with "Union"
The Moscow art theatre. Gorky has launched a new online TV channel "Mat speaks!" which will be broadcast on the official website of the theatre and in social networks. Each day, there promise to talk about the theatre and upcoming premieres
Theatre-festival "Baltic house" has presented in the format of the online broadcast premiere of "I sit on shore." Play Maria Fire written based on two stories by Ruben Gallego, embodied on stage, directed by Roman Kaganovich
"Russian seasons" start online marathon Stay home. The evening of 23 March on the website show concert Big Symphony orchestra. Tchaikovsky. CEO of ANO "Russian seasons," Alexei Lebedev told about the new project, its participants and surprises
In March, the festival "Golden mask" started showing performances of the competitive program, but was soon interrupted. Among the handful of shows played, there were two working Directors of St. Petersburg - "Good Temperirovannyiy certificates" and "Study of terror"
Events music events music fans can "visit" online, is in the next month world format. In the list of accessions not only Russian halls and theatres, but also the largest musical venues in the world
For the first time in 264 years of the history of the Alexandrinsky theatre the performance will be staged without an audience in the hall. Theatrical premiere of the oratorio "Mauser" Greek Director Theodoros of Terzopoulos decided to show live
Tatarstan state orchestra managed to play in Moscow on the eve of prohibition of mass events due to coronavirus and to present Wagner operas flying Dutchman. Correspondent "RG" estimated new production
Online-festival "the Double DV@" will be held from 2 to 16 April. Two weeks are free 9 games Russian films, 10 short films and feature films and 4 of the performance of leading musical theaters in the country
Theatre. Vakhtangov plans to create and open in Vladikavkaz, the home of its founder Director, the House-Museum of Eugene Vakhtangov. Why is it important, tell the managers and performers of the theatre
On the portal "Culture.RF" is represented by more than 2.4 thousand feature films and documentaries, 1,6 thousand concerts, 1.3 thousand lectures about 1,000 performances, 700 e-books and 300 virtual tours of Russian museums. Free access to these materials is open to all
The play "Where there is no winter", created on the MDT stage Director Jana Tominey, raises the issue that freezes the life, by handcuffing her tightly in impenetrable to outside eyes armor. And this despite the fact that there is no snow, no blizzards
Shown in competition "the Gold mask" "the Three sisters" theater "Ural Opera Ballet" absolutely reiterated the European level of the Ekaterinburg troupe and can become a Opera of the year
Lithuanian Director Oskaras koršunovas presented his vision of Chekhov's the Seagull. He prepared for the fifth Moscow art theatre production of this classic play. Whether to make a theatrical Testament prediction of the future, understood the "RG"
In the Moscow art theatre. Premiere of Chekhov's "the Seagull." The fifth in the entire history of the Art theatre, it was perhaps the most radical reading of the play, is considered a symbol of Russian theater. However, the staging was by the alien by the Lithuanian Director Oskaras koršunovas, and the name of Chekhov's works in conjunction with his name, you can safely label it as #canecorso. Here's a advanced version.
Maly drama theater - Theater of Europe arranged a party in honour of the centenary of the birth of the outstanding Russian writer Fyodor Abramov. Actors read entries from his diaries, and the next day invited all the legendary performance of the twentieth century "Brothers and sisters"
Accumulate ability, improve memory, and ever will... to carry to the brain the less successful people. Donation the potential of improving memory is one of the latest trends of modern neurophysiology, we talk with the former Director and now scientific Director of the Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology of RAS Pavel BALABAN. From a conversation with him about the latest achievements of science and the mysteries of our brain we have learned:— how many scientific discoveries in physiology could be accomplished in Russia;— how to convince the hungry that he fed;— as of the disability of the student to take the honors with a single injection;what is deja vu, and what really determines the success of any business.
The actress of Moscow art theatre name And
This Saturday in the Moscow concert hall "charge" will be the inauguration of a new organ: a 24-hour concert featuring the best musicians in the world. Mayor Sergei Sobyanin personally visited the Philharmonic hall and made sure that the king of instruments ready to their own benefit
People's artist of Russia Tatyana Vasilyeva in the Studio of "the Destiny of man" on the channel "Russia-1" told about his cheating first husband, Anatoly Vasiliev. As recognized by 73-year-old star, he knew the lovers of his wife, but did not attempt to teach them a lesson.
At the Moscow theatre of the musical - loud premiere. 5 Mar first the audience will see the Primetime. This is the second play in the theatre's history after "the Princess of circus", which is supplied with the canadian circus collective "Seven fingers"
The main Director of Theatre on Vasilevsky Vladimir Tumanov died in St. Petersburg on 67-m to year of life
Alexander Roebuck for a couple of Egor Bereavem very smartly plays a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown in the new series "war of the families". However, fans of the Roebuck can say that mediocre Comedy, not fully reflects the acting potential of Alexander and certainly will not be too important a place in his filmography. Was his role harder, not only on the set. We remembered some of them.
Italian Director Matteo Spiazzi showed his first work for the Russian theatre in the New space of the theatre of Nations. The basis of the famous text by Frank Wedekind about the problems of adolescents 129-year-old, and attempt a Frank conversation about sex, "fathers and children" by means of virtual reality. From the premiere — the correspondent of "MK".
"A Russian fairy tale. From Vasnetsov still" is more than an interactive exhibition devised for children and adults. It's an experiment that sets the bar for the West wing of the Tretyakov gallery. Given to the Museum last spring housing on the Crimean shaft are going to rebuild and turn it into an art space of a fundamentally new format. This project is another step in this direction. At the exhibition, the viewer finds himself in a fantastic world, where the sky flying geese in the cave lurks koshcheeva death in the underwater realm of the living water, and in the fairy forest giant sleeping bear. The world of Russian tales is presented as a theatre where the main actors — the works of classic and contemporary art and the spectator. If not overshadows scenography artistic context, to understand "MK".
The theater Komissarzhevskaya in St. Petersburg moved to the big stage his play "If I'd known..." on the play by Eric-Emmanuel Schmidt. Last year Oleg Kulikov put him in honor of the 55th anniversary of service to theater people's artist of Russia Tamara Abrosimova
A few months before the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, the art Director of "School of modern play" Joseph Raihelgauz, invited the audience to his home. Moreover, all seated at the dinner table and was introduced to... mom. Mom fed 80 people a signature soup and told the guests the story of his difficult life. "Faina. Echelon" is a stage a memory women who had seen and survived more than a tragedy of war. But much more important is a personal experience of the Director about her mother, incarnate in the scenery of his daughter Maria Tregubova and played favorite actress Elena Sanaevoj.
Chekhov's "Three sisters" directed by Sergei Zhenovach is a confessional show, says Stanislav Lyubshin. The actor who was playing the role of Vershinin in the Mat directed by Oleg Efremova, shared with "RG" impressions from the anniversary of the premiere of the Studio

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