Trying to survive in isolation, the theater goes into the phone

– How did the quarantine, all rushed online, and we have, in STD content in the form of plays no, – says the Vice-Chairman of STD and producer of the project Dmitry Brain. – What to do? Called Bora p. in Petersburg (Boris Pavlovich – the Director, who has long been developing a social theatre – M. R. ) and we started to think. First went the technical route, and then refused: the theatre is a bad filmed movie, no matter how brilliant it was not. So thinking, I came to the conclusion that sitting in quarantine, the people of the gadgets with their high-speed communication back to the phone. And this is a living contact with a living person.

the Idea is original and still out of competition, albeit from the retro phone and two voices. This fundamental rejection of the modern online options: Skype, chat, video conference and other great technological achievements, which, in essence, lead to fragmentation.

Theatre on the phone will act as if the old-fashioned way: someone picks up the phone, dials the contact and says Hello. By the way, his first performance, the authors of the project was named “Hello”, where at the end of “on” instead of “e”. At the moment, play for your young St. Petersburg finishes playwright Elina Petrova.

If there is play, then there are heroes – who are they? What they say and what is the story? Finally, a way to rehearse a play, who are the actors and the camera viewer or listener? These questions I address to the Director Pavlovich.

Boris, I would like to understand how your Phone theater? For example, what is the first step I, as participant, must do?

– first you go to the site of the performance, choose a convenient session are recorded. Gets the text of the play for two, but only with their words. That will tell partner you do not know. And at the appointed hour you where ever you are, you will hear the call. And together with a professional artist you start role-to talk.

– Means you have character. Was whether casting, how busy Actresses and how you chose them – the votes?

-At the same time in different rooms calling fifteen Actresses. First, it is important that the character is a girl of a certain generation, she is young. Second, although the heroine is one, but it is assumed fifteen interpretations: different temperaments, characters. I invited Actresses whom before worked on a variety of rentals. The best part for me here is that it is possible to involve actors from different theatres and living in different cities. “Hello” the busy actress, from Peter, from the theatre “On Liteiny” from Omsk and Novosibirsk. In this case, geography does not matter.

-How was the rehearsal?

-Being in different cities, we rehearse in ZOOM on the phone.

-once again the rules of the game: a viewer registered on the website of the play, at the appointed hour, ringing in the right room…

-No, not so – the plot of the play suggests that the audience is calling it. Type the error occurred on the line such a random call. And the error results in a kind young girl comes to you and says….

– About what? About unrequited love? What else can say young lady.

the Whole situation is explained in the conversation. The viewer only its replica, text, the actress had not, so it’s something between a reading and role play, where the viewer is an unwitting source.

What will he be shocked? The theatre loves to scare the viewer.

before the whole situation with quarantine I was told that I have to move to open and more audience-friendly forms. If more recently, the viewer had to withdraw from the zone of calm and comfort in times of anxiety and danger I want to reassure. Our playwright Elina Petrova is focused, so to speak, on creativity Volodin, on thaw drama. Especially because the day before she and the Teens worked on a Volodin festival.

Important: the organizers of the project took into account important mthe date you place your order and economic. So the viewer didn’t have to pay for the calls (still, every penny now counts), communication takes place by Watsu. And the part when the phone theatre is tested for viability and competitiveness will naturally be free. Given that the Prime Minister gets on the cosmonautics Day, I would like to first flight was normal.