What are the performances of the theater to watch next week


the Project will start on April 13 – with the play of Maksim Didenko “Earth”. Premiered in 2015 at the New stage theatre. The basis of setting a film-poem by Alexander Dovzhenko “Earth” in 1930, became a classic of world cinema. Didenko staged almost without words, in collaboration with composer Ivan Kushnir and with the Dutch dancer and choreographer Celia Amade, who invented plastic from the score of sports, everyday gestures. After Dovzhenko Maxim Didenko does not simply tell the performance story, and brings the story to the level of the parable, used as expressive means water and earth.

Photo: Press-service of the Theater “Workshop” of Grigory Kozlov has created a theatrical broadcasting in social networks

Performance can be seen in the “Tricolor” in the official group Vkontakte theatre, on the YouTube channel and the official website of the theatre and Afisha.ru.

on April 14 and 15 – theatre project “the Neva prospectus. Urban sketches”, created in 2013 under the artistic direction of Valery Fokin’s group of Directors and playwrights (Dmitry Egorov, Alexey Zabegin and Vladimir Antipov, Alexander Artemov and Dmitry Yushkov, artist Semyon Pastukh, composer Nastassja Khrushchev and others). Also in performance was attended by members of the poetic fraternity “Go, go and HOP!”.

Nevsky Prospekt

As the press service of the theater, Nevsky prospect – a project associated with the tradition of the so-called “physiological essays” inspired by the discoveries of Gogol’s the natural school. Starting from the famous novel by Gogol, “Nevsky prospect”, the authors of the play wanted the stage to translate the images of today’s Nevsky, to capture its rhythms and to fix his realities, to reveal the “anatomy of the soul” of St. Petersburg in the beginning of the XXI century. One of the semantic accents of the play made on establishing interactive communication with the city and citizens on the use of direct interventions from the Nevsky Prospekt.

Photo: Press service of the Alexandrinsky theatre

the Play was invented for the historical stage of the Alexandrinsky theatre and was timed to the opening of the New stage. You can watch it April 14 – in the “Tricolor”, April 15 – the language of theatre Vkontakte, YouTube channel and official website of the theater, as well as on the website Afisha.ru.

Photo: Press-service of the theatre How to comply with isolation, actors, Directors and writers”Petersburg”

April 16 and 17 in the Billboard broadcasting “Peterburg” by Andrey Moguchy. The name of this street performance was given by the famous novel by Andrei Bely “Petersburg”. The main storyline of the novel, as well as myths and legends, has long been evolving around the most intentional city in the world, creating its unique atmosphere, and made up the artistic core of the mystery of this peculiar action. Architecture courtyard of the Mikhailovsky castle became the main semantic element of the scenography of the play. In a tough and strange scenery in front of the audience played a mythopoetic representation that is simultaneously a kind of tour of the fantastic, however, it is strange-the real past of St. Petersburg.

the performance involved 160 people, including such masters of the stage as Nikolai Marton, Svetlana Smirnova. Art Director of project Alexander Shishkin, one of the permanent co-authors Andrei Moguchy.

the Play “Petersburg” can be seen on April 16 in the “Tricolor”, April 17 – in cooperaheating the theater group Vkontakte, YouTube channel and official website of the theater, as well as on the website Afisha.ru.

the Beginning of all the video shows at 19:00.