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The President of the Federal notary chamber Konstantin Korsik in an interview "RG" told me that a law that comes into force in December, introduces the remote salutation format to the notary. Will also be able to distance the transaction
The constitutional court declared unconstitutional one of the norms of the Code about administrative offences on sentencing. The reason for the test served as Parking on the lawn
The constitutional court of the Russian Federation imposed the duty to demand a Declaration of income of civil servants in personnel services. The dismissal of an employee for failure to provide such information prior to employment, if he has already been appointed to a position excluded
The draft Procedural code of administrative offences will help to solve the problem of the correspondence of the punishment of offenders. So, citizens will be invited to the proceedings via the portal of state services
The Russians have a number of questions arise about the regulation of family relationships in the period of self-isolation. Lawyer Asiya mukhamedshina told "RG" on how you can punish a domestic tyrant and should I wait for the surge of divorces

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