The President of FNP: Some services of the notary will be available remotely

“the Law, which came into effect in December, mandates a new format appeals to the notary – remotely, via the Internet, – said Konstantin Korkis. – As well as the possibility of remote transaction when the parties are in different cities and each goes to his notary. It is important to note that in absentia at the notary you will get a limited list of services. It includes only those notarial acts where there is no risk of inconsistency of the will of the claimant and expression – that is what is written in the notarized document.” For example, in remote mode it will be possible to establish the fact of abuse on the Network.

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS Citizens will be able to generate a notary digital archives of personal documents

“as for the remote identity of transactions, here of any correspondence addresses to the notary of the question, – continued Konstantin Korsik. Parties to the contract must go to the notary office. The difference with the traditional process ID of the transaction here only in the fact that everyone goes to the notary to whom it is more convenient and does not waste time and money on trips and meetings with the contractor. As a result, the transaction involves multiple notaries, one from each side, which interact with each other through secure communication channels of EIS and certify the contract reinforced their digital signatures. So the question of legal security, even in the face of new digital formats provide notary assistance, are always at the head of the corner.”

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