In 2022, the portal will allow you to share documents with the courts

Today it is often seen without a man, because he was never informed about the time and place of the meeting. He would have been glad to come, but the official agenda did not go beyond email.

Many of us today easily change addresses, life has become mobile. Email us for a good time. In practice there were cases when people even pointed out in the Protocol your real address, but the agenda all the way at the place of residence. Naturally, the postman came back with nothing, so citizen was punished in correspondence mode: deprived of the driving licence. If he would argue that to such he never got a chance.

Photo: RIA Novosti Russians on quarantine will report on wellbeing through public services

Such decisions where a violation of the notification procedure, then have to cancel. Recently, the Second appellate court of General jurisdiction returned the rights to several drivers, punished without their personal involvement. But it is much better not to restore the rights of a citizen after the fact, and just to do things properly.

Experts have long pointed out that in the modern world should move to contemporary forms of transmission of official information. Today, more than 60 million people have a confirmed account on the portal and are active users of digital services. It’s time to connect portal users and legal proceedings.

in addition, an email notification will reduce the burden on the Treasury will not have to pay for the postcards that still do not reach the participants in the case.

a year in the country there are about 150 million cases of administrative offenses, from them more than 7 million in vessels

Now, a draft Procedural code on administrative offences. For the first time a separate law prescribes in detail the procedure of such cases.

the Ministry of justice of Russia has published a summary report on the assessment of the regulating influence of the draft of the Procedural code of administrative offences.

“the draft law defines the procedure of use of electronic documents between participants of proceedings on administrative offences, the report says. Also include the possibility of sending and delivery of notices and notification of participants of manufacture on Affairs about administrative offences using the Unified portal of public and municipal services”.

Photo credit: Dmitry Feoktistov/TASS prompted to enter the record date to the prisoners through public services

By the way, the portal is already being tested superservis “Justice online,” allowing you to share documents with the courts and get online access to the case file. As expected, this possibility will be in 2022.

Chairman of the Board of judges of Russia Victor Momotov emphasized that this superservis will provide the ability to route documents to the court via the state services portal.

“Modern technologies allow to create the court of XXI century, corresponding to the requests of civil society, – said Victor Momotov. – A gradual introduction to the work of the courts information technologies has allowed to raise to a higher level of organization of their activities. It must be remembered that the further digitalisation of justice is not a thing in itself and not a fad, but a real tool for improving the efficiency of proceedings, transparency and accessibility. Paper documents are rapidly disappearing, and the Internet covers all new spheres of social relations”.

In the future, this service will allow the citizen and remote participation in the trial.