Russia has offered Amnesty for disenfranchised drivers

the Deprivation of rights is a very serious measure and is used for violations that pose the highest danger to the public. For example, drunk driving. You want to let the reckless drivers on the road?

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich/RIA Novosti traffic police: the symptoms of the disease before the exam on the right will not allow

Dmitry Guliyev: Certainly do not. Persons punished for a violation related to alcohol use, speeding, or any repeated violation, the Amnesty will prevent.

Then who will go?

Dmitry Guliyev: for Example, those who were deprived of the rights for leaving the scene of an accident. Or punished for driving into the opposite lane. Of course, it is also a sufficiently serious breach, but under extraordinary circumstances it is possible to raise the question of Amnesty for these people.

Why did you offer to give them back right? In this situation, the person, in any case it is better to stay at home or walk or ride is not necessary.

Dmitry Guliyev: of Course, self-isolation and remote work, today the main trends. Responsible in a civil plan, a person needs to reduce their social contacts. However, not everyone has that opportunity. There are doctors. There are people working in the operational services. Imagine, people working at the power plant and refers to the number of specialists, which can translate into udalenku. How then to be? It is better that he went to work in his own car, not public transport. It is a matter of personal safety and security companies.

Photo: Maxim Blinov / RIA Novosti Lock the driver’s rights 240 thousand debtors proposed to remove

what criteria did you choose the article of the administrative code, which can extend Amnesty? After leaving the scene of an accident or leaving on a counter strip also represent a danger to the public.

Dmitry Guliyev: But their public danger are not comparable with the risks associated with the spread of the virus. A person leaves the scene of an accident under the influence of momentary fear of punishment, while most often we are talking about some minor accidents, which are dents or scratches. If the accident is serious, it is not so simple to leave a wrecked car. If there are casualties, there is already criminal liability. The cowardly behavior of the driver, scratched someone else’s car and escaped, you can neither respect nor justify. But these people after a few months all will return right. In this situation it is better to do it now, and hope that this incident will become a lesson for them.

as for the travel into the oncoming lane, such violations often occur due to the fact that the driver did not understand the traffic management scheme, for example, at difficult junctions. Such offenders are not chronic, and we now have to look for any ways to reduce the number of people on public transport. The car allows you to observe social distance, if call of duty has forced people to leave their homes.

Photo: Pavel Lisitsyn/RIA Novosti traffic police temporarily lifted the sanctions for violation of terms of registration of cars

Is it possible to declare Amnesty in cases of admiadministrative offences?

Dmitry Guliyev: Theoretically this is possible. The powers of the state Duma to declare an Amnesty laid down in the Constitution and the Basic law does not limit the right of the state Duma amnesties only in criminal cases. We are currently working on a new draft of the administrative code, and there including prescribed able to declare Amnesty and punished for administrative offenses. But even the current lack of rules in the administrative code, I am sure, can not serve as an obstacle for implementation by the state Duma of their constitutional powers.

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