Fake about the coronavirus will result in imprisonment for up to 5 years

the Amendments proposed for the second reading of the draft law on deprivation of liberty up to 7 years for violating quarantine the infected. The profile state Duma Committee on state construction and legislation recommended the state Duma to adopt amendments to the criminal code to reflect the new standards.

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS the Prosecutor General’s office found new fakes of coronavirus in social networks

the bill we are talking about the fakes on the subject of circumstances that threaten the life and security of citizens. Or on the measures taken to ensure the safety of population and territories, receptions and ways of protection from these circumstances. These may be epidemic, accident, hazardous natural phenomena, catastrophe, natural and other disasters, entailed (able to entail) human casualties, damage to human health and nature, as well as material losses.

According to the amendments, the public dissemination under the guise of reliable reports of false public interest information proposed to be punished under the criminal code if the act entailed by negligence the harm to human health. Sanctions – a fine of 700 thousand rubles to 1.5 million thousand rubles, it is also possible imprisonment for up to three years.

If, however, the proliferation of fakes has led by negligence to the death of a person or other serious consequences, then it will be a fine of up to 2 million rubles. Can also be imprisoned for up to five years.

Earlier amendments announced by the head of Committee Pavel Krasheninnikov.

Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev / press service of the Russian President / TASS Putin instructed daily to monitor the situation with coronavirus in the regions

In situation combating coronavirus false information desorientiert citizens and lets take the country’s measures to prevent deterioration of the situation, – said the head of the Committee.

in Parallel, and proposed civil penalties for the same kind of fakes. Namely, the imposition of an administrative fine on legal entities in the amount of one million five hundred thousand to three million rubles. If the spread of fake led to the death of a person, infliction of harm to human health or property, a mass violation of public order or the termination of functioning of critical infrastructure, a legal entity may be fined from three million to five million rubles.

When re-offences, legal entities may be fined in the amount from five to ten million rubles.