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Exactly 50 years ago in the mission control center United States received a report from astronaut John Swagart: "Houston, we have a problem". Thus began the mission to rescue the disaster of the ship "Apollo-13"
Cosmonautics Day on Board the ISS to learn and accept a six-month watch 123rd Russian cosmonaut Ivan Wagner. A native of a small town in Arkhangelsk region lost the right to pronounce the most important words in a festive video message from orbit
Google and the Russian space Agency has prepared answers astronauts to the most popular questions from Russian users of the network. Watch the stories of the astronauts about life and work in orbit and try to repeat it at home. Imagine that the closest store is 300 kilometers of airless space
President Vladimir Putin holds a communication session with the ISS and the astronauts were congratulated with the upcoming Cosmonautics Day
On April 12 the world celebrates the cosmonautics Day. On this auspicious day the Explorer, "RG" talks about what kind of music listen to our astronauts in orbit
Starting with the flight of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin April 12, 1961, orbit was visited by 566 people from nearly forty countries. To the Day of cosmonautics "Russian newspaper" have gathered a collection of interesting facts about flights records and astronauts - some of them you just were not known
The state Commission in Baikonur has approved the main and backup compounds of the crew of "Soyuz MS-16", which should be sent to the ISS on 9 April. The main team included cosmonauts, "Roscosmos" Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner, NASA astronaut Christopher Cassidy
Donald trump signed the Executive decree giving the U.S. the right to resource extraction in space. Roskosmos has said that the "aggressive plans for the actual seizure of territories of other planets hardly set the country on a fruitful cooperation"
On the night of April 8 the Moon will come as close as possible to the Ground, starts "pink" full moon. Unusual color of the satellite due to the fact that meteoric dust and other small space COP better is visible in the distance
Outer space is not subject to national appropriation, said the Russian foreign Ministry in connection with the recent initiative of the President of the United States. "We proceed from the equality of States in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes", - said the Agency
Attempts to seize the territory of other planets hardly set the country for fruitful cooperation. This opinion was expressed in the "Roskosmos", commenting on Donald trump's decree in support of commercial exploitation of resources on the moon United States
Cosmonaut Sergey Prokopiev told "RG" as in the conditions of isolation do not become sad and experience a long separation from loved ones. And he knows what he's talking about: his space flight lasted for more than 196 days
On 93-m to year of life has died the doctor of medical Sciences Adilya Kotovskaya. A huge amount of her work was associated with the selection and training of the first cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin and Herman Titov, and the other members of the crews of space ships
Roscosmos has no plans to be postponed due to coronavirus the return of the expedition crew ISS-62: it is scheduled for April 17. To meet the astronauts in the landing area should arrive Russian experts and technology
Belarusian scientists have created many unique technologies and equipment. For example, now the country has developed unparalleled engine for orbit correction of spacecraft
The Russian Orbiter "Luna-26" will create a three-dimensional map of the moon for the first landing of the Russian cosmonauts. This was stated by the Director of the Institute of space research Russian Academy of Sciences Anatoly Petrukovich at the meeting of the RAS Council on space
The social network Facebook there was a movie which depicted the explosion of the meteorite
Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) intends to complain to the UN satellite system Starlink, developed by businessman Elon musk SpaceX. This was reported by researcher of the Institute of astronomy of RAS Nikolai Samus.
Planet K2-18 b, located in the constellation Leo at a distance of about 124 light-years from Earth, may be much more habitable earth-like than previously thought
Small asteroid 2020 CD3 became kazipoteka of the Earth, said experts from the minor planet Center Smithsonian astrophysical Observatory
American scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology, presented a map of decision-making in case the planet will be threatened by catastrophic in its consequences the fall of an asteroid. In fact, experts suggest to prevent a similar scenario in advance.
Strange modern trend starts thumbnail of promising Russian missile launched before the starts of their prototypes. The debut of the new carrier rocket "Soyuz-5" ("Irtysh") took place last weekend in Elektrostal near Moscow. "General designer", 11th grader Paul Panchuk and his mentor from the Station of young technicians Viktor Rozhkov was pleased with the result.
The head of the US space Agency Jim Breidenstein reported that this morning at the age of 101 years died a mathematician Katherine Johnson, which was calculated at the NASA trajectory, launch window and backup paths for the return flight
The commander of the ISS was the Russian Oleg skripochka. The former head of the Italian Luca Parmitano returns to Earth.

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