it Turned out that in the charts of modern conquerors of the Universe – all kinds of music. And they – scholars in a variety of genres and styles, although most prefer still give Russian rock, the soundtracks of the Soviet films, as well as spiritual and folk music.

Photo: NASA/Roscosmos Russian cosmonauts have begun the experiment bioprinting of bone

In “space” charts there are just a few of the songs “Bi-2”, “Chaif”, “Semantic hallucinations” and Vyacheslav Butusov. But foreign rock and pop music, by contrast, only two: Believer band Imagine Dragons and Rudiger bluesman and founder of Dire Straits Mark nopflera. And here is pop, sweet pop melodies, hip-hop, rap and even jazz are not welcome here!

There are the astronauts, and shared traditions: the day before the start of watching a film “White sun of the desert”, and six hours before him – when you exit the hotel through the speakers sounds “Grass at home” the group “Earthlings”. In the spacecraft they appear in two and a half hours before the start. And at this time have a habit of listening to the music playlist, which they themselves have chosen for themselves.

As a rule, five or six songs or instrumental compositions. Then, in orbit, time for it will be enough: except that during sports or in between scientific experiments.

our astronauts not five or ten most popular songs for all. And therefore constitute a single “cosmic hits” is perhaps not necessary. But to highlight some favorite tracks from these tough and brave guys, we probably should.

of Course, the predictable emergence among the leaders of the song “Hope” performed by Anna Herman, “Grass at home” “Earthlings” or “Stars 3000” group “Semantic Hallucinations”. And even the track “Bi-2” – “Teach me to be happy.”

But no less remarkable and a great taste, and a wide range of interests of the Russian cosmonauts! In the list of preferences there are so many really wonderful and timeless music.

Photo: From the archive of Sergei Prokopyeva Cosmonaut Sergei Prokopiev: Isolation will learn to understand each other

and the soundtrack to the film “home among strangers, a stranger among us” and the song “There is only a moment” of “Sannikov Land”. And “the Little Prince” from another movie “Passenger from the equator” – performed by the incomparable Elena Kamburova!

There are “mother of God, virgin, rejoice” the Choir of the brethren of the Valaam monastery, and “Oh you, wide steppe” Choir of the Sretensky monastery. And “darkie” – “calling card” of the Alexandrov Ensemble. And at the same time – “Wings” “Nautilus of Pompilius” and “the White road” by Garik Sukachev!

Thanks to our astronauts for the fact that once again reminded us of these beautiful songs and instrumental compositions!

All with Day of Astronautics!