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Friday, June 18, 2021
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A day in Russia revealed 1667 cases of coronavirus infection in 49 regions of the country. Died in days 12 patients. This was reported by the operational headquarters for monitoring and control of the situation with COVID-19
COVID-19, attacked mankind without a Declaration of war, showed and revealed things are far from medicine, I'm sure the actor Viktor Sukhorukov. We can talk about this with him, although we shared 97 kilometers. I'm in my Moscow apartment, and he's on their six acres under Orekhovo-Zuevo, the.And it seems that Viktor is the only one who is not echoed by the mass choir, which sings different voices saying that the whole life after the disastrous virus has changed, and will not find anyone.
On the background of the announced recent measures to tighten the regime of self-isolation in the Russian capital it is interesting to look at the experience of other countries. In South Korea, the authorities are seriously planning to use electronic bracelets to track people who ignore the quarantine.
In the capital confirmed 1030 new cases of infection with coronavirus infection
In the capital confirmed 1030 new cases of infection with coronavirus infection. Of them - 47.5 per cent of people aged 18 to 45 years. Currently registered in the city 8852 case of coronavirus
Isolation is in progress in Moscow and gives people a discomfort. It concerns and media persons. How comforting to quarantine yourself known to people that you can cook on the forced home stay and how to build in a period of isolation relationships with children, we were told the actors and designers.
Monument to Marshal of the Soviet Union was demolished in early April
Russians are not fully aware of the importance of the mode of isolation and overestimated the effect of garlic and lemons, said the head of the Ministry of health Michael Murashko. He also said, when you can assess the effectiveness of measures against coronavirus
The specialists of the British National health service concluded that certain types of cough may indicate the development of cancer in the lungs
The broadcast will take place on social networks companies
According to him, the situation will depend on the effectiveness of measures to combat the pandemic
Medal "For the capture of königsberg" was established by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of June 9, 1945. Just this award was granted 760 thousand participants in the war
From 8 to 15 April, the Jews celebrate the Passover, one of the main festivals symbolizing the birth of a new Jewish people out of slavery. And already on April 12, the torch will be Western Christians, celebrating Easter, a story about the possibility of the son of man to transcend the physical shell and find a new life. By and large, we all celebrate the same holiday - the liberation from the shackles of injustice, and the transition to a new stage of awareness of the world.
Traditional town in the desert will not be build
87 patients during the same period, left the hospital after recovery
By the end of the week will be assessed the effectiveness of the current measures, the Minister added
Until the end of the pandemic COVID-19 for employees of the NPP introduced a special environment. Some time they will spend in isolation in the departmental dispensaries. "RG" visited one of these resorts
Until the end of April in Russia should recover more than a thousand people, as the treatment of most patients with coronavirus takes about two weeks
The Meteorologist made a prediction for the next five days
The Russian government has established the procedure of monthly payments to families with children under three years who have the right to the matkapital
Actors theatre "Modern" on camera reading poetry and prose, said Yuri Grymov. Writer Elena Chizhova is working on a novel. MIM Anwar Myampquot; took photos for "RG". And writer Valery Popov felt the Earth's rotation
Well-known Russian producer Joseph Prigogine spoke sharply against those who criticize singer Lev Leshchenko and accuses him of the spread of coronavirus
Will blow Northwest winds of 5-10 meters per second with gusts up to 16 m / sec
For a short period of online study to domestic students had to invent a lot of tricks that allows you to stay home from school and avoid bad ratings. Teachers tracked online some popular among students Lithgow
Pause on the stage — the right thing. With its help, you can tell a lot. Same thing in life. Today we have all slowed down, paused. Why the pause?This time we stole or gave it to us? And how can we break this hold?
As it became known edition of L'equipe, the season of the championship of France of football is scheduled to finish in late July
According to the singer, the tests for coronavirus were negative
The medic also denied the media publications who have written that 70 per cent are connected to the mechanical ventilation of patients die
In remote Russian villages the spotty Internet and cell phones. Distance learning is carried out there via email and duty tables. Helps and TV, which broadcasts a special program
Not more often two times a day is to use antiseptics for disinfection of the hands. This Council talked to the news Agency RIA Novosti dermatologists. At the same time as the experts, use antiseptics only need those who visit public places.
False information appeared in one of the Telegram channels
Test test of immunity to coronavirus infection has shown that he has only 3% of Russians. In 20-25% of people infected with coronavirus show no clinical signs of the disease, and experts don't know yet, is in this case, the immunity or not
On 79-m to year of life in Berlin, died a famous German actor Dieter Laser
Player expect sanctions for ignoring the regime's self-imposed isolation
In the colony clashed with riot police prisoners
Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has announced plans to create in the capital COVID centers. "The main task of these centers will be diagnosis and the choice of tactics of treatment of patients," - said the head of the city
American billionaire bill gates, founder of Microsoft, said that the pandemic coronavirus could be completed by early summer, then the world will begin to return to normal life
The Russian authorities plan to allocate about a trillion rubles
The Governor of the region Andrei Vorobyov said that the government will strengthen the work of the police and will introduce a regime of permits
What is our fragile life? She is interrupted by the death of the body? And what would a man do if God gave him a new life? Lazarus Saturday Orthodox believers celebrate on 11 April, answers all these questions
The chief freelance psychiatrist of the Ministry of health Yevgeny Bryun, warned Russian citizens about the fact that alcohol consumption can affect the body's ability to infected with coronavirus
According to the mayor, almost daily increasing timetable for the withdrawal of medical institutions from normal operation to operate the infected COVID-19
Nurmagomedov can't fly in the US because of the pandemic coronavirus
The Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev ordered to remove the regime of holidays from several companies, according to a Telegram channel Governor
The President ordered to revise the previously agreed terms
This was reported by the press attache of the us Embassy in Russia Rebecca Ross
The antiparasitic drug ivermectin is able to suppress propagation of SARS-CoV-2
The expert called by the above marketing statement that ginger, lemon, or any other product can protect from the new type of coronavirus.
The experts of the Higher school of Economics together with American colleagues proved that online courses are not inferior in the efficiency of face-to-face classes. In addition, the study showed that the online format gives students the opportunity to teach 20 percent more students

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