The Ministry of health explained how to differentiate coronavirus from SARS

the Document is addressed primarily to physicians in primary care (polyclinics, outpatient clinics, General practice clinics, FAP), it will help to provide a differentiated diagnosis of SARS caused by the influenza virus, other respiratory viruses (rhinovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza, human metapneumovirus) and bacterial pathogens, and COVID-19 “for an immediate start outpatient treatment of patients with SARS symptoms without waiting for test results on the coronavirus”, – explained in the Ministry of health.

“According to the definitions of suspicious case, any case of acute respiratory infection (body temperature above 37.5 °C, and one or more of the following symptoms: cough – dry or with scanty sputum, shortness of breath, feeling of stuffiness in the chest, the blood oxygen saturation according to pulse oximetry (SpO2) ≤ 95%, sore throat, runny nose and other catarrhal symptoms) in the absence of other known causes that explain the clinical picture, regardless of the epidemiological history is considered to be suspicious COVID-19”, – stated in the recommendations.

Photo: iStock the Ministry of health spoke about the role of sea salt in the treatment of coronavirus

“Antiviral therapy should begin within 48 hours of onset. Clinically proven that the early treatment allows easier short course of the disease in patients with COVID-19”, – stated in the message of the Ministry.

the Authors present several options for treatment regimens for the management of patients with SARS at the ambulatory stage.

nevertheless, the Ministry warned that the drugs recommended for the treatment of COVID-19, have a risk of developing unwanted side effects, and therefore to be treated by them only on prescription and under his control. In particular, cases of deathand patients in self-treatment with hydroxychloroquine.

guidelines for drug therapy of SARS published on the website of the Ministry of health of Russia and sent to the regions to familiarize the doctors out-patient service.