Violator of the regime of self-isolation was found by police at Sheremetyevo airport

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the Man, who arrived in the night of 12 April a special flight from Bangkok, re-visited the capital’s Sheremetyevo airport.

Muscovites were ordered to observe a two-week regime of self-isolation and broke it, according to the website of UT MVD Rossii po CFO.

“Sunday afternoon, the staff of linear Department of the MIA of Russia in the Sheremetyevo airport in the course of the patrol terminal D was identified and stopped for check of documents the citizen”, – is specified on the portal of the Department.

the Offender has previously handed in a resolution on the need for 14 days to observe the regime of self-isolation and not to leave the place of residence. But he violated the order, returning to the air Harbor of Moscow.

a Moscow Resident born in 1974 came to the airport in his car in search of abandoned suitcase.

law enforcement Officers did not allow him to move freely around the airport, and sent home to isolate themselves.

this transport, the police entered the situation of the citizen. As a result, at their request, the services hub will deliver the suitcase at the place of residence.

the Situation at the entrances to Moscow in the period of the isolation mode

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In Moscow in recent days found 1355 new cases of infection with coronavirus. Only in Russia over the past day registered 2 558 people infected with COVID-19. Thus, the total number infected with the coronavirus in Russia amounted to 18 328.

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