Stuck in Spain, the Russian said as organized procedure for export

About 5 thousand Russians plan to return home in the coming days

About five thousand people plans to return to Russia from abroad in the coming days. So, export the flights are planned from Spain one of the European countries most affected by the coronavirus.

the Plane with the Russians will take off from Spain on April 13. As reports TV channel Moscow 24, Russia’s Vladislav Sopikov said how organized details of travel to the airport.

“Our Russian Embassy in Madrid made a special document that you need to show the police so they can let you in freely, and you could move around at the destination airport,” explained the tourist.

For passengers set a limit on the amount of Luggage. Because of this, Vladislav stuck at the resort with his family until able to return to Russia alone.

“Go on his personal car. Go alone. Unfortunately, my family is here,” said the Russian.

As reported by the interior Ministry, more than 37 thousand Russians abroad have applied for financial assistance. The Ministry said that more than 31 thousands of applications already processed, even 5.4 thousand appeals are in process. Payments for 6 088 people have already approved.

Earlier the Rosaviation has coordinated with the Operational headquarters of the Russian government flights schedule export to the Russians until April 13, and formed a preliminary export schedule for flights until April 16.

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