Russian tourists have extended the permission to stay in the Seychelles

Photo: TASS/Markus Mainka/DPA

the Russian tourists can not fly from the Seychelles, extended the permission to stay. This decision was taken by the immigration authorities of the Republic.

the Russian Ambassador in Seychelles, Artem Kozhin said that the tourists will continue to be in the country legally.

“We have contacted immigration and have agreed to centralized free extend permission to stay to all tourists, it’s already done” – quoted Kozhin TASS.

the Ambassador said that the Republic is now about 100 Russians, they live in hotels and homes.

“the Embassy contacted the administrations of all the budget hotels and provide tourists the cheapest accommodation that was possible”, – said Kozhin.

he Also said that the Islands do not work in public places, beaches are closed. Until the end of April in Kyrgyzstan, there are limits.

As reported by the interior Ministry, more than 37 thousand Russians abroad have applied for financial assistance. The Ministry said that more than 31 thousands of applications already processed, even 5.4 thousand appeals are in process. Payments for 6 088 people have already approved.

From 27 March in Russia stopped regular and Charter flights with other countries. At the same time, continuing evacuation of Russian citizens from the territory of foreign States.

As stated, the Association of air transport operators, direct losses of Russian airlines flights from export is at least 500 million rubles a day.

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