How students cheat on online learning

the Intern of the research center of modern childhood, Institute of education, HSE Hope O. ozornina studied video TikTok and told about new forms of academic fraud students.

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what if you did “your homework”? Or don’t know the answer? A typical lesson is hard to get out. But online more opportunities: for example, you can pretend that you’re “stuck”. To portray the technical problems of the trading pause, fading, indistinct pronunciation of the words.

the”Trick” with writing assignments

Homework today shall be in digital format, and students come up with different ways to cheat the system. Among them:

a) Many Teens do not like to write by hand. Remotely and don’t want to do it. Using a special “handwritten” fonts, they put printed text on photo notebook and handing it to the teacher.

Photo: iStock In some schools, video from the Internet can be made up two days

b) in This way can be processed and decisions from the list of “Finished homework”. For this purpose are the photo editors. For example, the solved by someone other equations can be neatly superimposed on a photo of your own order. And once the white background is just to erase.

C) the Crib and the second screen. During the online lesson the teacher at best sees only the face of the student. Answering the question of the teacher, the students can easily peek the correct answer on the second screen, or at the crib.

Skipping over

many schools are using video tutorials on the platform of the Zoom, where you can configure different interesting background instead of a boring Wallpaper of your own apartment. But some students cheat. Making a video where you pretend to carefully listen to the teacher and write something down. And put this video instead of the background. The teacher takes a record for a live stream. And the students at this time, “skipped”, hang the toys on the phone.


the Children understand that understand the technology better than their teachers, and come up with different jokes. For example, give the teacher the “bad” tips for working in the program. Because of this, the teacher can hang.

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Boys are more likely to use “hang-up” and games, as girls are more likely to cheat on homework, the researchers said the HSE. – The variety of ways devised by students, suggests that they are not very interesting invented by the school formats. The education system was in an unprecedented situation. It gives all involved a huge stress.

What to do? How to react to teachers? HSE experts suggest to strengthen control and not give deuces and look for more exciting work, reducing the benefit of students from fraud. For example, search and interpretation of memes on historical topics as homework.