Representatives of some professions are not afraid of no crisis

the story of the coronavirus showed that the number of areas that previously felt quite confident, was unclaimed. Due to the closure of borders and restrictions are temporarily out of work sellers of non-food goods, employees of the business and fitness centers, employees of food service establishments, travel agencies and airlines.

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is there such a profession and an occupation, which no crisis is not terrible?

“of Course, and they are many, – said Professor of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Alexander Safonov. First profession – “the master numbers”. All history of mankind is associated with mathematics. Science and engineering, statistics and programming. Mastered this profession, the road is open in many areas. Good knowledge of this subject increases the competitiveness in the labour market. You can of course just programming to do. It is also a profession present and future. Even now, in difficult times, the number of vacancies for programmers with good conditions and possibility to work in world space is growing. Without any doubt the profession at all times is a doctor. He, as a mathematician, accompanied mankind throughout history. the entire history of human development. The profession enjoys the same respect and will always be needed until we move permanently into the matrix.

In recent years, next to this traditional profession is developing a constellation of new activities. Biotechnology, pharmacists, bioengineering, engineering of medical devices”.

Without the knowledge anywhere, and so the teaching profession will always be relevant. Besides, teachers always have the opportunity to give frequenting lessons.

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Analyst. This new direction associated with the ability to accumulate quickly enough the data arrays. But without a skilled analyst, they’re dead. It specialist processing and systematization big-date becomes the link that allows you from the infinite news feed to pull out what is the basis of marketing and logistics solutions, helps to build the strategy and tactics of companies, authorities.

In an era of globally increasing communications between people become more and more popular psychologists. They are needed as the powers that be, and ordinary people. A good psychologist will help to get out of any crisis – both personal and associated with global changes.

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