The meteorologist warned of a sudden drop in temperature and snow storms

Tuesday will start again cold. On 14 April the center will be from 4 to 9 degrees, and April 15 – plus 1-6 above scratch. In the night of Wednesday, possible snow. Thursday plus 2-7 degrees. Friday and the weekend thanks to the European anticyclone day warmer will be a plus 8-14 degrees. Precipitation is not expected. However, the night is quite cold.

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In the North-West, the weather is expected to be more smooth, without sharp fluctuations of temperature, but with precipitation. Monday, April 13, plus 9-14 degrees. And only in the Leningrad region while it is impossible to count on the warming: there plus 4-9 degrees. In the Northern capital on April 13, the rain and plus 5-7 degrees. In the Kaliningrad region plus 12-17 degrees, rainy. But in Murmansk region the week begins with a snowfall. The day is not above zero. Warmer, but still with snow, will in the Arkhangelsk region. Day plus 2 to 7 degrees.

In the Vologda region will become warmer to plus of 6-11 degrees, but not for long. Unstable weather is also expected in the Volga region. In Ulyanovsk, Samara areas, Tatarstan Republic, April 13, heavy rain, Blizzard. On Tuesday and Wednesday the temperature will go up dramatically – can rise to plus of 19 degrees in the Saratov, Samara and Penza regions. To the North of Nizhny Novgorod on Monday not above + 9 degrees. Then will rise to plus 15-17 degrees. In the Orenburg region to plus of 14 degrees.

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In the Crimea, about theKaya the weather, as on the Volga: plus 12-17 degrees. But in the middle of the week colder to plus 8-13 degrees. In the Krasnodar territory and the Rostov region without rain by mid-week warming up to 20-23 degrees Celsius.

In the Urals anticyclone warming. In particular, in the Perm region on Monday plus 4-9 degrees. In the southern Urals plus 9-14 degrees. In the Omsk region in Siberia, the week starts with a very warm weather – there is a plus 10-15 degrees. Tuesday will be warmer by 2-4 degrees. From Novosibirsk to Kemerovo plus 10-15 degrees. In the Republic of Altai in the beginning of the week to plus 20 degrees.

In the North of the Krasnoyarsk territory is not subsiding Blizzard. On the Taimyr Peninsula minus 3-8 degrees. In the Central districts of the Krasnoyarsk region will become warmer to plus 12-17 degrees. But at night should be wary of black ice on the roads. And in the South of Krasnoyarsk region, even warmer than in the Crimea – plus 20 degrees. In the middle of the week may be warmer still by 2-4 degrees.