VTSIOM considers it important for Russians, ideological amendment to the Constitution

the Research centre is devoted to changes in the Basic law relating to the ideological beliefs of our citizens and ensuring sovereignty. Last week the survey was published on two other sets of amendments – social and political. There, the leaders were respectively the guarantee of quality and affordable medicine and the removal of restrictions to hold or have held the position of President of the Russian Federation to participate in the next presidential election.

Experts explain the interest of Russians to social amendments to the Constitution

Now 90% of respondents say that personally support the amendment on the protection of historical truth in the Basic law, 7% say the opposite.

In the second place in importance in the block for the ideology of citizens, the recognition of culture as the unique heritage of the multinational people, 87% were in favor of this item. One in ten believes that it is not important (10%).

In third place – the consolidation of the status of Russian as the language of the constituent people, 86% of respondents noted the amendment. The opposite opinion is shared by 11%.

Photo: cikrf.ru the Campaign of preparation for the vote on the amendments to the Constitution will adjust

Also, 83% said the most important protection of the institution of marriage as the Union men and women, 15% say the opposite. Further consolidating the status of Russia as a legal successor of the USSR on its territory, the significance of these changes emphasize the 81% of Russians think otherwise 14% of respondents.

Among the amendments to the Constitution relating to the protection of the sovereignty of Russia, the rating is headed by the regulation on the protection of state integrity and inviolability of borders of the country (87%). Personally support this amendment 90% of respondents, 6% say the opposite.

in addition, 86% of respondents noted the importance of securing the status of Russia as a state, undergeriausio and strengthen international peace and security, 11% disagree with this position.

In third place – the prohibition for officials to keep money and valuables outside of the Russian Federation, to have dual citizenship and residence permit of another country, 83 percent called this point is important, 14% hold the opposite point of view.

For the correction on the principles of sovereignty, recognition of the priority of the Constitution over international law was made by 74% of Russians, 17% do not share this opinion.