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In St. Petersburg opened a criminal case on the fact of publication of false information about the outbreak of coronavirus among cadets and officers. We are talking about a community "Ombudsman of the police", it opened on its administrator
In several regions of the country, the investigators of SK of the Russian Federation revealed the fake allegations of the extraordinary prevalence of coronavirus and a large number of deaths. Spread this information the authors brought to justice
Radio play with Alisa Freundlich, online-interview with Oleg Basilashvili, a crochet lesson with Nina Usatova, archival performances and photos from the meeting will present to the audience the theatre in its new resource - an online platform БДТdigital
Radio play with Alisa Freundlich, online-interview with Oleg Basilashvili, a crochet lesson with Nina Usatova, archival performances and photos from the meeting will present to the audience the theatre in its new resource - an online platform БДТdigital
Across Russia there is a work project volunteers #Myvote. Pensioners who find themselves in isolation at the time of the threat COVID-19, volunteers help with the purchase and delivery of food and medicine. In their ranks were joined by the St Petersburg correspondent "RG"
In Russia for the last day of coronavirus was detected in 52 regions
Amid continuing concern about the growth of the pandemic, there is good news. More masterpieces of culture appear in the public domain, so enjoy a book that by chance was not in your home library, you can almost two mouse clicks. However, there arises a problem: how not to get lost in this endless stream suddenly descended on us on-line literature, lectures and performances. The correspondent of "MK" has decided to test the portal "Bibliovore", which opens the doors of the reading room in Moscow and not only.
Growth of overdue credit debt of the population to 10% the President of the National Association of professional collection agencies (NAPCA) Elman Mehdiyev. It stipulates that if properly work launched by the authorities the mechanism of vacation credit, by the end of the year number of debtors with overdue payments will grow by only 0.5-0.7 million people. However, banks are clearly not in a hurry to provide their customers caught in difficult life situation in connection with the pandemic, delay: according to the Bank, is met only 15% of all clients is to provide them with holidays. In this situation, the volume of overdue debt in the country by the end of the year will grow two times, and the expense of violators will go to the tens of millions, experts warn.
The Russian football Union (RFU) has officially informed the Union of European football associations (UEFA) about the readiness of St. Petersburg to host the matches of the European championship in 2021
For two weeks, during which the Hermitage was closed to the virtual "visit" to about 15 million people. As in the days of the epidemic, lives one of the greatest Russian and world museums and what the philosophy adheres to, "RG" was told by its Director Mikhail Piotrovsky
In St. Petersburg was hospitalized singer Tatyana Bulanov
According to a former football player blue-white-blue Dmitry Chistyakov, such as coach Vladislav Radimov all starts with discipline and no little things.
According to the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Kirillov, the city has a high degree of readiness for the tournament and is interested in sporting events.
On Saturday, from Bangkok, flew to export the flight with the Russians, which will bring home
The authorities of St. Petersburg will not refuse to hold matches of the championship of Europe on football in 2021. "Our city has a high degree of readiness for the tournament," - said Vice-Governor Vladimir Kirillov
One of the first Internet began to upload videos of their workouts defenseman Anton Piskunov. He and his wife equipped sports area on the balcony. Sometimes Anton joins son Miroslav, who at the end of summer marks eight years, reports "MK in Volgograd" citing "in Volgograd the truth.ru".
Actors theatre "Modern" on camera reading poetry and prose, said Yuri Grymov. Writer Elena Chizhova is working on a novel. MIM Anwar Myampquot; took photos for "RG". And writer Valery Popov felt the Earth's rotation
In Russia 40 million people have loans from banks. Many several types of obligations: consumer, mortgage, and credit card. And every fourth borrower more than three-month delay in payment.For the loan does not even have to go to the Bank, it is enough to be in the nearby shopping centre to look at the website of the online store or a travel Agency. Temptations lurk at every turn, and then on his neck tightened loop.To cope with the problem difficult, but you can find fellow sufferers, the same borrowers, and together to try to get rid of the credit function, which has been compared to drug and alcohol...
The investigative Committee announced the transfer to the court of resonant criminal case on the embezzlement of hundreds of millions of rubles in the restoration of the Hermitage. None of the defendants in the criminal case did not admit guilt, but in the UK argue that sufficient evidence
Video camera at the Main Headquarters transmits a picture of Palace square in St. Petersburg, take a look at which can at any time from anywhere in the world For many, now is the only option to see the Hermitage. Now it is bathed in the spring sun area overlooking the familiar green hull. For those who missed the Hermitage types, there is another broadcast with two cameras – in the courtyard of the Winter Palace (it was installed earlier, to be willing to go to a Museum could online to assess the scale of the queue. Now from this point it is convenient to observe the life of the Hermitage cats) and in the Raphael room, overlooking the "Madonna Conestabile".
The constitutional court declared unconstitutional one of the norms of the Code about administrative offences on sentencing. The reason for the test served as Parking on the lawn
Striker will remain in St. Petersburg for another two years.
Soprano of the Mariinsky theatre Elena Stikhin became a prize winner of the Casta diva. In an interview with "RG" the Opera singer spoke about his isolation, and also about the reaction to the news about the cancellation of performances
Alexander Sokurov is working on exhibition "Rembrandt - the return of the prodigal son" for the Hermitage. Efim Shifrin reading poetry for online audience. And Tatiana Ustinova, writing a novel, which urgently needs to end
The Prosecutor General's office has sent another requirement in Roskomnadzor about blocking in a Network of fake news about the coronavirus. False information was discovered in the five regions
In St. Petersburg, police opened the attack on the courier. Attackers with a gun took his order and disappeared. They initiated administrative proceedings for petty hooliganism
"We agreed with the players about pay cuts in April and may to 50 percent," - said General Director of "Zenit" Alexander Medvedev. Informed about the agreement with the players about the salary reduction was announced by Spartak
In recent days, Russia has identified 954 new cases of infection COVID-19, 591 of them was recorded in Moscow. The country was already 6343 cases of infection with coronavirus infection in 80 Russian regions
The ITMO University has offered an original method of teaching physical education online during the quarantine. Students are encouraged to participate in webinars on e-sports, to learn the strategy and tactics of the online games and get points for it
In St. Petersburg, the former Director of the company "Metrostroy" Nikolay Aleksandrov brought new criminal case. He is accused of signing is extremely disadvantageous for the company agreement to the assignment of part of money
The number of people infected with novel coronavirus infection in Russia has increased for the last day on 658 people. Most cases in the capital - 536. During the day, discharged with recovery 22
Theatres are closed, the shooting stopped, but without Prime will not stay. Auditions, screen tests, rehearsals moved online. In the breaks - you can do the country. "RG" learned how to live in the mode of isolation of the actors and Directors
In St. Petersburg opened the first in Russia a criminal case for fakes about the coronavirus in social networks. The article provides for responsibility for dissemination of false information about situations that threaten the life and security of citizens
By the end of 2019, the share of cities with favorable environment has increased to 26.9 per cent. Among the largest cities in a comfortable climate leader left Moscow, followed by Saint Petersburg and Kazan
32 735 parishioners, about which there is information in the registers of St. Isaac's Cathedral, only 188 were members of the titled nobility. What are the secrets in the personal lives of the Royal family hold the registers of the Cathedral - says the Museum of the Cathedral
The Russians were less interested in the currency. Buy foreign notes we want 10 percent of the population. There are several reasons - lack of savings, high dollar, uncertainty of position in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus
The project "Big tour online" made a special program for non-working weeks. In social networks and on the website it will be possible to watch the performances of the leading regional theaters. Live streaming starts every evening at 19.00 Moscow time
Residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities come together to thank and support the doctors who are currently fighting the epidemic COVID-19. Read more about this in the article "WG"
Mariinsky theatre also closed its doors to spectators until April 10. Soprano Elena Stikhin was preparing for debut in "Aida" by Verdi, as well as the performances of the tetralogy "der Ring des Nibelungen" by Wagner on the home stage, but had to be postponed
Protection historian Oleg Sokolov, accused in the murder and dismemberment of PhD student, attempted to obtain the transfer of the ex-Professor from jail under house arrest. The court denied the petition
The smooth line shows, concerts, tours, festivals of Valery Gergiev and the Mariinsky theatre stopped. To 10 April, closed all the scenes. As a living theatre in the context of the epidemic, "RG" said the artistic Director of the Mariinsky theatre Valery Gergiev
In St. Petersburg theater "Shelter comedian" on March 28 will host the online premiere of "Russian classics" Dmitry Volkostrelov, the artistic Director of the Center. Meyerhold. The Director told "RG" on how to set the play and why he has as many as five options
Theatre-festival "Baltic house" has presented in the format of the online broadcast premiere of "I sit on shore." Play Maria Fire written based on two stories by Ruben Gallego, embodied on stage, directed by Roman Kaganovich
In Oktyabrsky district court of St. Petersburg has received the materials of the criminal case about the murder and dismemberment of PhD student, SPSU known historian Oleg Sokolov. The man pleaded guilty
In March, the festival "Golden mask" started showing performances of the competitive program, but was soon interrupted. Among the handful of shows played, there were two working Directors of St. Petersburg - "Good Temperirovannyiy certificates" and "Study of terror"
For the first time in 264 years of the history of the Alexandrinsky theatre the performance will be staged without an audience in the hall. Theatrical premiere of the oratorio "Mauser" Greek Director Theodoros of Terzopoulos decided to show live
Due to the complex epidemiological situation many Olympiad finals moved or changed their formats on the remote. For example, the final stages of the Olympiad "Lomonosov", "conquer the Sparrow hills" is transferred for an indefinite period
"RG" verified that in the regions lying on the shelves in food stores. And whether there is a deficiency. It turned out that the peak of the panic demand for coronavirus subsides. And trade is taking measures to not happen again
For the last day in Russia was 54 per case of coronavirus infection, such data results the Federal service. Most cases in Moscow - 33. All new cases are noted in nine Russian regions
For 11 days of self-isolation of the correspondent "RG" after Italy, her apartment turned into a real call center. The most frequent question readers: "Where can I find the official complete list of the dangerous coronavirus in the country?"

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