SK finished an embezzlement case during the restoration of the Hermitage

the Case was investigated by Central office of Department of the Main Directorate for investigation of particularly important cases of the investigative Committee of Russia. The names of the main defendants in a Criminal case known in similar criminal cases. Grigory Pirumov, Nikita Kolesnikov, Oleg Grigor, Valery Rogov and Julia Bereza.

Here is told to the correspondent “RG” the official representative of the investigative Department Svetlana Petrenko.

Photo: RIA Novosti Ex-Deputy Minister of culture Pirumov appointed house arrest instead of prison

depending on the role they each are accused of committing crimes under part 2 and 3 of article 210, part 4 of article 159 part 4 of article 174.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation – “creation of criminal community and participation in it”, “fraud in especially large size”, “legalization of funds acquired through the Commission of the crime.”

According to investigators, in 2015, Grigory Pirumov, at that time held the post of Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation and Boris Mazo, who worked as the Director of the Department of property management and investment policy of the Ministry of culture, created a criminal group to embezzle budget funds allocated for the reconstruction of the State Hermitage, and the legalization of stolen.

Petrenko said that in the criminal community was involved, the Chairman of Board of Bank “Oil Alliance” Oleg Grigor, the actual head of the group of companies “Rospan” Nikita Kolesnikov, chief engineer of OOO “Horizon” Valery Rogov, CFO of this company Yulia Bereza and a few others.

Photo: State Hermitage Museum “long live Russia!” The Italians are delighted with the online tours of the Hermitage

In the same year between the State Hermitage and controlled by the defendant firm “Mekhstroytrans” signed the state contract for construction and installation works in the Museum. The assurance of the investigation, when the contract partners have taken more than 900 million rubles allocated from the budget. With the help of numerous financial transactions, these people are legalized part of the stolen – 800 million rubles.

During the investigation, none of the defendants in the criminal case he pleaded not guilty. But the Investigative Committee says that they collected enough evidence of their guilt. At the moment criminal case with the approved Prosecutor indictment was sent to court.