After leaving quarantine, the Hermitage became more visitors

With the introduction of quarantine March 30, the largest Museum of the country had also to go to the online conference in Zuma, broadcast in social networks, the unprecedented demand for a “virtual visit” to the Museum. Some as if for the first time noticed the presence of the Museum online, but immersed “in full.” Personally, I once “went” to the exhibition of things from the Archaeological Museum of Naples, Pompeii and Park of the “Gods. People. Heroes” – it is long over, but really sunk into the soul, and now, it is possible for her to walk. Such as I am, apparently, a lot.

As the press service, from March 17 to April 5 at the virtual Museum was visited by 12 million 864 thousand 273. From 18 March, the Museum hosts a daily online broadcast of the Restoration and storage centre “Old Village”, the main Museum complex and Headquarters. First broadcast from the store Russian furniture looked more than half a million people. On March 26, the Museum held the first tour in Italian in the framework of the project “Hermitage – Italy”. Under the video in social networks – emotional comments in Italian. Promise even guided tours in English, French, Chinese.

a Friend running a research fellow at the Museum, shares his impressions udalenka: she seems to be even better. “In a normal working day I write and make lists for something to work, something to do with the exhibits. Or carrying, or restoration, preservation, or something else. Communicate with other services, because I always need something. Electricians, restorers, cleaners, press office, photographers, designers and others. And only when I have the time, engaged in scientific subject. Now it’s finally there!” She is now working on the text of the catalog. Important information from the Directorate, according to the friend, send by e-mail or via chat messengers. Appearing to work is prohibited.

Much more intensively communicate with colleagues and work departments that make a huge virtual Hermitage. Ksenia Pushnitsky, senior Manager of the sector of computer equipment, rehall “MK” on the current work. “Our work is the virtual visit, the content of the site. Section my group is a digital collection. The Hermitage was closed on March 18, at first it kept going, then 23 of all who could, went to udalenku, we were allowed to take from work equipment. Under all financial responsibility. Garage on request transported equipment to the employees home. I moved home some of the books, dictionaries, reference books. But this is not enough. All remotely will not do, many departments work in tandem, and the inability to be in the environment of the Museum, to clarify something in the books, the exhibition – prevents”. Online meeting with colleagues and start to Zoom in 22 hours (according to Xenia, at this time, the platform works best). “We used a lot online and did not communicate regret it. Some questions become easier to decide, so this new experience was useful.” In addition to Zoom, the division has its own chat in which discuss everything – “from kids to smelt”. “We in the Department are very light friendly and informal relationship. People work together for many years”, – says Ksenia.

When the Hermitage was closed on March 30, no one thought so for a long time – the scope of work were made until April 6. While the Museum had no visitors, but the employees still went to work, managed to make rare footage: for example, “the tower” – a special high vacuum, which operates under the Hermitage’s ceilings. The exhibits in the Museum is not covered by covers – I explained that the cases are harmful, and protect the sculpture only for cleaning in the hall.

Now the Museum, according to Ksenia Pushnitski, has about 50-70 people. Deputy Director, electricians, network engineers, plumber, security personnel. “During the quarantine I added to its database of 2,000 exhibits, – continues the expert. Is a lot, usually for less than a week out. But I usually do other work. Besides, I’m anxious, bored people, which is only more working. This, of course, bad. Expect fatigue and spleen. We normal noone puts, we ourselves define it and are satisfied with the administration. But now, apparently, because of the side effect of anxiety and the increased production rate will increase. And generally defined. It became much easier to calculate how much someone has done. Of team work has become more individual.”

By the way, about the security personnel still working in the Museum: they every morning, circumambulating, airing in Instagram, and show us the Museum halls and exhibits. As told “MK” the photographer of the Museum of the editorial Department of Yuri Molodkovets, at the same time, the air connects the employee who lead the tour. “The speaker sits at home, explains the photographer. – Now Instagram is a function of dual connectivity”. There is the evening dedicated to the book: “In the evenings I take a book from the shelf devoted to the Hermitage, and we arrange such evening reading by the fireplace, says Molodkovets. – Connects specialist who says interesting things on the subject of the book.

For the quarantine period has increased the audience of the social networks of the Museum?

– Yes, our broadcasts began to look at three to four times more people, and the Instagram account has already signed up more than half a million.

– What response are you getting?

– a lot of writing: for example, a person says that he lives a two minute walk from the Hermitage and did not go to the Museum, and now wanted. Or before the imposition of full quarantine wrote: “Watch your broadcasts and literally the whole screen of the smartphone”. Such a kind of Declaration of love to the Museum. Now the preparation of the esters takes a lot of time – because you need to consider a scenario to rehearse.

Integralnye esters remain on the page for a while, I turn to him – and this, of course, is an amazing feeling. See the quiet empty halls (behind the scenes only to hear the breathing, apparently, the security officer), on the other side of the screen – the guide to home decorations confidently says, “let’s go to the nextl”, tells the exciting things about Italy of the XVII century (for example). Immediately comments: “presents the material Well!” – live look more than five hundred people. Live such a group to collect, of course, impossible.

Mikhail Piotrovsky in an article for the “St. Petersburg Vedomosti” commented on the situation almost ironic: the Hermitage, finally, you can get in without Queuing. But also stressed that the virtual visitor walks through the Museum is free, but some things from the collection at the time of closure was abroad – in Italy, France, the Netherlands. In fact, GE remains the exhibits from different countries. Because of the pandemic, says the Director, had to extend the terms of the insurance things have happened “miracles of bureaucratic urgency”. Mentioned the Director and security: in the words of Piotrovsky, the Museum is now guarded carefully. By the way, in the Netherlands in the period of quarantine stole a van Gogh from a Museum in Laren. I hope Hermitage will be fine.

Saint Petersburg