Svetlana Tikhanovski

the Situation in Belarus, where on Sunday held presidential election, escalates. Today it became known that the country left 37-year-old Svetlana Tikhanovski, which participated in the presidential race and was a candidate from the opposition. As reported by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Tikhanovski is now on the territory of their country.

Svetlana Tikhanovski safe. It is located in Lithuania

— said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius.

Yesterday Tikhanovski detained in Belarus and held for seven hours. Recall that, according to the results of independent exit polls, she won the election, while Alexander Lukashenko suffered a crushing defeat (according to the official figures, Lukashenko won around 80% of the votes, while Tikhanovski — slightly more than 10%). The results of the elections, it is not recognized, and filed a complaint to the Central election Commission.

did Not recognize the victory of Lukashenko and a large number of residents of Belarus, who after the announcement of preliminary results took to the streets and staged massive protests. Against them, the police acted very harshly, using tear gas, using stun grenades, stun guns and beating them with batons. Tikhanovski made an appeal to cease violence against protesters.

Earlier Tikhanovski also said that her two children are now in one of the countries of Europe, where she was taken after she received threats in his address during the election campaign. Spouse Svetlana, a well-known Belarusian blogger Sergei tikhanovski, which was originally going to participate in presidential elections, is now under arrest in Belarus.

For some reason, Svetlana left Belarus and how long is going to stay in Lithuania (earlier she said to leave his native country has no plans to), not reported. But, according to some sources, in Belarus it was preparing an attack.