Supermarkets opened trade country goods

In Tula, additional measures for tightening the regime of self-isolation also referred to remote delivery. Ordering seeds and seedlings on the Internet is quite a popular practice among gardeners. However, Tula the truckers were in a difficult position. In the region closed all of the items collection.

“All contractual obligations in force. Just the delivery time is adjusted,” – did not see the incident problems the Chairman of the regional Committee for entrepreneurship and consumer market Vyacheslav Romanov.

it is Clear that the seedlings of roses, for example, does not apply to commodities, it would be possible to wait. Here are just many of the orders were made back in the fall. Garden centers seedlings send, but to receive the order we have to wait for the lifting of the ban. When this happens, the authorities are evasive – “depending on the situation.” But it’s a living product, long on the stock can not be stored – every day counts. Who and how will compensate for the loss of both producers and buyers is unknown.

In Omsk specialized shops selling seeds and seedlings were not included in the list of entities permitted to operate in the limitation period. And in Novosibirsk them turned on the green light. However, half of the outlets closed due to low activity of buyers who are advised to stay home.

But if you want to find the product. For example, in a shop in the street Dusi Kovalchuk in addition to offering seeds and seedlings. The average Apple here cost 700 rubles, currant – 340.

the Seeds also buy no problem. They are traded and urban markets and supermarkets, many of whom began to specialize in the delivery of goods at home. In the list of goods that you can find on the network sites, there are seeds. Prices the same as last year.

But the time for planting in Siberia has not yet arrived. The most favorable time is from mid to late may.

In the Samara region more than 214 thousand suburban areas. And may in the region promised to put traditional rural routes so that people are prepared.

In Samara and Togliatti trade seeds and seedlings, the major networks did not stop. Range – for every taste and budget. Trades and one of the most popular shops in Samara – Dachnik. The store clerk told the “RG” that the seeds of this season take good. Although buyers slightly less than in previous years.

And one more observation – on the streets of Samara in places where retirees usually sell first berries and cucumbers, also began to appear citizens of seedlings. They do not break up, because the mode of self-isolation already weakened, most businesses work. So buy seeds and seedlings, as a store and home samarians can now without problems.

Now on the market of Prikamye lull, here only sell products. Usually in FL�� time of the year is in full swing selling saplings and seedlings. But now the country trading goods are suspended.

Many gardeners grow seedlings at home, but you need different materials to give, for example, film for greenhouses or covering material. Where to take them? It was rumored that at the end of April, some suburban communities will allow visiting trade. But this information is not officially confirmed.

At the same time, the head of the Perm region Dmitry Makhonin allowed contactless remote trade commodities. As RG explained in administration of the Governor, their list includes also seeds, seedlings and construction materials.

In Perm buy seedlings or saplings is possible through the Internet, and seeds are traded in supermarkets. But, may be, and in fact organizes the trade everything needed for planting and garden works. This will greatly facilitate the solution of many problems of cottagers.

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