Moisturizing cloth facial mask instant action, suntan oil coconut and almonds, the loose powder for radiance of the skin, dry pigments for makeup, fragrance, fragrant cocktail of BlackBerry and spicy rhubarb and other novelties of the week — in our review.

Fabric face mask instant action Aqua Biotherm (600 RUB)

in the Summer our skin literally faint from the heat. The time “not to let it dry up”, and thoroughly moisturize. Help make this new tissue mask instant action of Aqua — Aqua Bounce Aqua Glow and Aqua Pure from Biotherm.

Each of them contains a high-performance component, specially selected to address one of the three main problems of the skin: hyaluronic acid against wrinkles caused by dehydration and loss of elasticity; complex with vitamin C — against tarnish; and, lastly, salicylic acid against excess sebum and skin imperfections. All masks have a signature component of the brand is the extract, Life Plankton.

the Tool will do the job in 15 minutes. During this time, the mask that closely follows the contours of the face, “move out” and will fit tightly to the skin due to the tight weave of fibers. This structure allows it to effectively retain moisture.

Solar line Back To the Sun, Mixit (from 345 RUB)

Experts of the Russian brand Mixit know how not to hurt your skin and protect it while sunbathing. Line Back To Sun — all you need for protection, hydration and radiance to the skin. Oils, lotions, creams and gels with different levels of SPF protection already looking forward, as we look forward to seeing the sea.

Sunscreen for face and body with UV-filters, babassu oil and ceramides complex will provide reliable sun protection (SPF 15) and temperature extremes. The collection also features cream with SPF 35. It consists of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

For the body — just two options: a gentle lotion SPF 30 with oils of almond, cocoa and vegetable proteins and oil SPF 8 for a beautiful, even tan with coconut, avocado and extract of acai berries. To soothe the skin will help restoring, cooling gel after sun with silk proteins, allantoin and menthol, and oil (the effect of it is similar) with coconut, almonds and a complex of essential oils of lavender, patchouli and curly mint.

Loose powder Prisme Libre Givenchy (4 240 RUB)

the Givenchy Brand introduced an improved (although much better!) version of its iconic loose powder Prisme Libre. For the first time the brand put together in one of four different shades: blue, pink, lilac and light green. Under the cap of the powder are now four colors to create radiant skin: two adjustment left to align the skin tone and make it more matte, and two ppodsvechivaya right to create a tone.

the Texture seems to become even more weightless. Its Creator, creative Director of Givenchy makeup, Nicolas Degen, compares the tool to outfits Haute couture and calls “a designer dress for the face”.

the Powder came in six colors: pastel muslin No. 01 (for fair skin), white satin No. 02 (for light), pink veil No. 03 (for the skin with a slight tan), shining muslin No. 04 (for the skin with a darker shade of tan), monosomy poplin No. 05 (for tanned skin) and rainbow flannel No. 06 (for dark skin).

Dry pigments Metallized shades of Ivory and Champagne, Krygina Cosmetics (2 150 RUB)

In the palette dry pigments Metallized brand Cosmetics replenishment Krygina — Russian visagiste presented two new shades of Ivory and Champagne. The first is the shining pigment with a pearly sheen, which perfectly blends with light skin. And the second pigment beige shade, which will be a faithful companion of tanned skin in the summer season.

the Remedy is equally easy to apply with fingers and brush, and the texture of the coating remains uniform even in dense application.

the Product can safely be called multifunctional. Suitable for face and body, and hair. To worry that the glitter will be scattered all over the purse, not worth it. Everything is thought out — from the packaging to the pigment is dosed by means of a special pipette.

Flavor Yes I Am Fabulous, Cacharel (5 285 rubles for 50 ml)

In the collection “flavored lipsticks” from replenishment Cacharel — eau de Parfum Yes I Am Fabulous. If the “red” Yes I Am was a force and vitality, “pink” — style and freedom, the new “purple” with self-confidence.

Inside — cardamom, supplemented with a cocktail of fragrant BlackBerry and spicy rhubarb. In the heart of the fragrance are the notes of Arabic Jasmine, ginger flower and heliotrope. Finally, top notes of sandalwood and vanilla contrasts with enveloping chord nut milk.

the star of the advertising campaign, Yes I Am was Shay Mitchell. Popularity came to the actress after the release of pretty little liars, where she played Emily fields. The series became the most frequently mentioned in Twitter in the history of television. In addition, the project has become annually and winner of the Teen Choice Awards.

Aroma Sea Very Sexy, Victoria’s Secret (4 899 rubles for 50 ml)

Back on the coast of Italy, bathed in the summer sun, and to experience the azure waters of the Mediterranean sea gently envelop the body, can only in thoughts. But to create the summer mood will help the aroma Very Sexy Sea from the Very Sexy line from Victoria’s Secret.

the composition is dominated by citrus hints of Italian bergamot, bitter orange and neroli notes with a light, subtle bitterness. In the database — the woody white cedar, ��WH ICH brings back memories of droplets of clear water on a tanned skin.

the company with the aroma released as a perfumed body spray, lotion and perfume-baby (7 ml).