most Likely, in the majority of regions of the first shift in children’s country camps will not. High school urban camps is also not open, they will continue to exist in the online space. But the second and third shifts may well occur, but not as much as usual.

In the Khabarovsk Krai, the opening of the camps is not expected until June 20. The municipalities will set the start date shifts, because it all depends on the epidemiological situation with coronavirus in a particular area.

“We recommend you to open camp of day stay in small groups, in compliance with all requirements of Rospotrebnadzora, – said the Minister of education and science of the edge of the Victoria Khlebnikov. Minpower of the Russian Federation proposes to hold a shortened 14-day shifts, instead of the typical 21-day. Therefore, the number of shifts may increase”.

“Assessing the alleviation of the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the region, we anticipate beginning a Wellness campaign with the second shift, – said the Minister of labor and social development of the Novosibirsk region Yaroslav Frolov broadcast “Vesti-Novosibirsk”. Second shift begins in July. Consider three areas of the campaign, the choice will depend on epigastralny”.

the toughest option, he explained, the summer health campaign in the town camps on the principle of observation. Children before departure will be required to stage a home quarantine, and get your hands on the supporting document on the state of health and lack of contact with sick people. The camp will establish a social distance, which means that their occupancy will drop by about a third compared to last year. The change will be completely closed from external contacts.

but the Most optimal format, according to the Minister, will be the campaign in a more familiar mode, but with the most severe observance of the measures of the regime of health security.

heard the word “observation” and among those who prepare a children’s health campaign in the Tomsk region. Here it is, it seems, too, can pass in an observational format. In the town camps will be organized shifts without a visit to relatives. A small group of children will live in the buildings together with the teachers the first 14 days. And when the quarantine period ends, teams will be allowed to communicate with each other and undertake joint activities.

In Yekaterinburg, our correspondent has announced that the camp where her daughter goes not the first year, the first shift will start not earlier than the first of July and will last only two weeks instead of three. Socrates and all subsequent shifts.

throughout the holidays and children and staff not allowed to leave the camp visits parents and passing the parcel are also banned – these are the requirements of sanitary doctors. In addition, the recommended escapedAMB events. The priority is a walk in the fresh air. Residential buildings will be equipped with decontamination systems and recirculators, will purchase antiseptics. Teachers and doctors who will work in the camps, held an online course for the observance of all necessary sanitary-epidemiological norms.

Another feature of 2020 was the design permits only in electronic form via United public services portal. Yekaterinburg for the first day have already filed 19.4 thousand applications. A year ago the number was lower by almost 1.5 thousand people.

Similar sentiments from parents and others in the region. Despite the current situation, many of them are not going to change plans, hoping that soon life will return to normal.

the Association of children’s camps of the Perm region “Promotion of children’s recreation” conducted an online survey “I Want to go to summer camp”, which was attended by more than 2.4 thousand people. 44 percent of parents gave a clear Yes response to the question of whether they plan to send a child to summer camp. Another third is inclined to the same decision, although said that they would focus on the environment. Moreover, almost half of respondents – 49 percent – sees the current situation alternative summer holiday your child.

At the same time, a fifth of parents set strongly against the organization of mass rest of children. They believe that in today’s situation, the child should stay home.

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