Substantive actions

One of the first example was set handball player of the French team of Cyril Dumoulin that started the so-called auction of solidarity among athletes. He Dumoulin invited the fans to buy some t-shirts, and the money to transfer to the hospital. The action was noticed and picked up worldwide.

In the case of football, the most popular of the lot is t-shirts related to some special events. For example, Marcos Llorente from Atletico Madrid put a shirt in which made a double in gate “Liverpool” in the recent epic match of 1/8 final of the Champions League. For Jersey could fetch 8100 Euro.

And the legendary Frenchman Thierry Henry and Welshman Robbie savage sold the shirt in which Henry played for Arsenal, scored his hundredth goal in his career. After that game in 2003 against the “Birmingham’s” forward, not knowing about his achievement, I exchanged shirts with the Savage. Now both Jersey went under the hammer. The shirt Henry had managed to rescue 16 100 pounds.

Their t-shirts are also exposed on the auctions, the forward “Bavaria” Robert Lewandowski, midfielder “Chelsea” Ngolo Kant, midfielder “Paris Saint-Germain” Julian draxler and many more.

Valuable items share of their ammunition, and representatives from other sports. One of the best biathletes in the history of Martin Fourcade who retired after the season 2019/2020, for the yellow bib of the world Cup rescued 12 200 euros. Even more managed to get a helmet for two-time world champion and Olympic medalist skier Alexis of Pintura – 19 600 euros.

the Famous tennis player Rafael Nadal gave the t-shirt won the “Roland Garros-2019”. A lot was predictable longed for many: t-shirt eventually went for 22,4 thousand dollars.

One of the most renowned cyclists in the history of the sport, the Spaniard Alberto Contador has donated for auction the bike, which traveled triumphantly to himself, the Cycling race “Giro d Italia”in 2011. “The time has come to part with it. It’s special to me bike,” admitted Contador. And even the fact that subsequently, he was stripped of the victory for the anti-doping rule violation on one of the previous races, has not deterred buyers. The bike went for 22500 euros.

Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini did not waste time on trifles and put on the auction from the 59 items. Including the glasses, which she won Olympic games-2008 in Beijing. In the end accessory went for $ 4,500: well, when you consider that originally these glasses cost less than ten “green”. Well, all the Italian managed to earn neither more nor less than 66 thousand euros.

One thing to part with valuable items of ammunition, the other with medals to winning which are life. It was the Spanish basketball men’s national team forward Javier Beiran and defender of women’s n��national team Mar Sergei. Baran gave to auction the gold medal of the world Championships 2019, and Sergi award of the same value, but with the European championship.

But the most touching story is connected with the ex-coach of “Nantes” Reynald Danubecom, who gave the championship medal of the season 2000/2001. But since specialist more than anything and didn’t win. This step was so touched by fans that they collected 13 million euros, bought the medal and returned it to the coach.

Finally, we should also mention the Russian hockey captain “Washington” Alexander Ovechkin, put up for auction a training session with you. The winner gets to spend with the forward 30-minute session, and will receive four tickets to a home game, “Washington”, a hockey stick autographed by Ovi and the opportunity to visit the dressing room after the game. Tickets, accommodation and transfers also included. The starting bid price is 10 thousand dollars.