Of the subscribers of home Internet in Russia in the second quarter may waive payment service providers to use mobile Internet or to switch to cheaper tariffs because of the deterioration of the economy, predicts “TMT Consulting.” The decline in revenue since the beginning of self-isolation of Russians have already recorded, “ER-Telecom”, where he linked it with the introduction of deferred payments and free media services.The worsening economic situation, rising unemployment and reduced purchasing power can lead to failure of the households from fixed home Internet in favor of mobile or provoke a transition to lower tariffs in order to save, analysts predict “TMT Consulting” in report on the market of broadband access (SHPD) in the Internet in the first quarter, which read “y”.The company makes estimates of the magnitude of such a transition, but says that previous crises in the economy showed that the service as a whole “actually is the base for users.” About the revenue decline from the beginning of isolation of Russia, 5-10% already, the President said “ER-Telecom Holding”, Andrey Kuzyaev at the conference “Recongress” and ANO “Digital economy”. According to him, the indicators affected, in particular, the fact that the company has provided a range of media services for free, and gave users the option of deferred payment.From April 1 to July 1 of the largest providers of home Internet are also involved in the experiment, the Ministry of communications to provide subscribers free access to 391 web resource with a negative balance.Other market participants have not yet reported a decline in revenue. The President of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevsky 19 may during the announcement of financial results for the first quarter said that the operator sees no significant risks for business due to pandemic: “We believe that the demand for telecommunication services in the near future will remain”. In the first quarter negative impact on net profit of the operator has already had a currency revaluation recognized in “Rostelecom”.In General, the restrictive measures taken by the authorities in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, fully entered into force in the second quarter and almost did not affect the figures for the first time, States in the “TMT Consulting”. In monetary terms the market grew by 0.9% to RUB 36.5 bln’s Lead in the first quarter kept “Rostelecom” with a base of 12.1 million subscribers, second place went to “ER-Telecom”, followed by MTS and VimpelCom. The greatest growth in the first quarter was MTS, the number of broadband subscribers increased by 2.2%, to 3.5 million Julia Silence