For 18 months he got rid of 95 pounds.

23-year-old seller of Jacque Robinson of the new Zealand town of Warkworth in 2019, weighed 190 pounds and was practically bedridden. Young people have always been inclined to be overweight, but after high school his weight came under control. Quickly began to gain weight, Jacques became very complex, and therefore tried as little as possible to get out of the house and in a bad mood “treat” food to take away.

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In 2016, his weight reached 190 pounds, and on the way to work one day, he just lost consciousness. After that, the boy began to fall into a swoon and experience a severe migraine attack, and in 2018 even bedridden for a few days. Various tests and the tests showed no critical illness, but his health deteriorated in his eyes. Robinson was sure did not live to see his 30th birthday and already mentally said goodbye to life. However, his doctor persuaded him otherwise. He explained that most of the health problems associated with obesity, but because Jacques is an urgent need to lose weight.

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the Young man took himself in hand and decided to use his last chance. Your diet he made vegetarian and almost immediately noticed improvement in health. In addition, Jacques began daily to walk slowly on a treadmill for an hour, and after a couple of months and even joined a gym.

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These efforts have shown a fairly rapid result. 18 months Robinson has lost twice and began to weigh 95 pounds. The doctor was right — along with the extra pounds gone and almost fainting headaches stopped, writes the Daily Mail.

Now Jacques plays sports six days a week and feels perfectly healthy and happy. In addition, he was inspired by his own results that he decided to help others. Now he is studying for a fitness instructor and maintains a motivational blog in Instagram.

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