The current situation is fatal, almost everything is becoming more expensive, especially energy prices. On the other hand, salaries cannot compensate for this, which is why more and more people are getting into financial difficulties.

The high heating costs in particular are now putting many working people in the uncomfortable situation that they need support beyond the energy flat rate. What many people don’t know: the high heating costs often result in an entitlement to social benefits as part of unemployment benefit 2.

In principle, support with heating costs is possible, regardless of whether you have a direct contract with a gas supplier or whether the heating costs are paid via the utility bill.

The local job center is responsible, this also applies if you are employed. In this case, you must apply for unemployment benefit 2.

It is best to do this immediately after receiving the gas bill. The request must be made in writing in the month in which the invoice is due. In order not to miss the deadline, you can also submit the application incomplete if necessary.

The consumer advice center points out: “Receivables from ancillary and heating bills are only considered to be required in the month in which you receive the additional claim. As a result of the high gas prices, many with an average salary are also entitled who otherwise would not receive any benefits”.

Apply for unemployment benefit 2 at your job center, this also works online. This help page provides information about the exact requirements. In addition to a completed application, the following evidence is usually required:

If it turns out that the income is too high for an entitlement to unemployment benefit 2, there may still be an entitlement to housing benefit. The housing benefit office of the municipality is then responsible for this.

Housing benefit calculator: The amount of the housing benefit is now determined online